Are you waiting to know which is the best webinar software for WordPress users? Then keep reading this article. Webinars suggest an interactive way to reach users. Share their experience, and grow their business.

Whenever you want to be a startup, be a content provider, online training provider, software creator, you definitely need to connect with your audience to be successful.

Webinar stand at the top of the modern technologies for promoting online.

Here, in this post, we are going to share with you top 7 webinar software for WordPress user.

What is webinar software and when you need it?


 The webinar word comes from the seminars, a meeting to exchange views, learning, collaborate and meet. Organizer and users can all interact together, share content, chat, and conference.

Webinar helps you to tell about the new services to a large audience. This is particularly useful for the software companies.

There are a lot of tools available to you, for conducting webinars as you wish them you to be.

Some are professional while some are amateur but easier to set up. Some are paid while some are free. Here, we will attempt to make a list of some of the best tools.

Let’s get started with the detail description in this article.

Go To Webinar


 Go To Webinar software is the most widely used software and webcasting software. Many customers use it and drive to drive your new business and to inform and educate the employees, partners, and customers.

Unlike the legacy webcasting technology of enterprise competitors, Go To Webinar is easy to use and easy to pick up.

It has the “pass the control” feature that allows you to give your keyboard and mouse control to any participant in the meeting. Also, you can share all desktop application, files, screens, and presentations.

Webinar On Air


 Webinar On Air is definitely powerful Webinar software. This one is the simple and affordable webinar solution. You can create webinar easily just under a little second.

Here, on this platform, you will get Automated Webinars and just you can use them free for few days.

You can see special offers to your attendees at the same time of the webinar, generate leads and automatically save on social media sites. Like YouTube etc.

Features are :

  • Easy to access calls
  • Reasonable priced
  • Can schedule the small webinar
  • Integrated with payments and email option

Webinar Jam


 Webinar Jam is another webinar software that uses google hangout and adds marketing features to it.

This software allows you to host a large webinar with all the powerful features of the professional webinar tools.

It records all the webinar session automatically.

Stealth Seminar


 Stealth Seminar is one of the most powerful software and most professional powerful software, I have evaluated.

This software can integrate with basically every CRM system and email system you can think. it also connects with the recorded webinar or automated hybrid webinar.

Stealth Seminar software allows to fully automate the process of the running webinar.

Google Hangouts


 Google Hangout webinar software is most easy to use webinar software currently available in the market. It is incredibly very fast and free.

Anyone with a google account can use it very easily. In addition to usual voice or video calling.

It permits to the multiple users to join it. The user can interact together and share files, share computer screens, chat and so much more.

The negativity is that it has not paid user registration or any marketing features that you want to run a professional webinar.

Cisco WebEx


 The Cisco-powered tool offers powerful option to help you organized the virtual meeting, video conference, and seminars.

It has the quality powerful audio along and attention monitoring tools will be more useful to successful a webinar. The user can also share any notes and file, screens etc.



 Another powerful contender in the market is zoom webinar software. It permits you to host highly interactive conference videos with HD quality and with meaningful audio quality features.

Zoom has a free plan with a lot of features. It makes the full use of unique double screen support to show both the participants and the presentation at the same time.



Wrapping this all end! Here, we have discussed the Top 7 Webinar Software for WordPress Users.

Often, we concluded Top 7 Webinar Software for WordPress Users-2018? Thus, we hope this article will helpful you.

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