Merging different PDF files or splitting a PDF document is hard if you don’t have the right tools to use. But with this article, we will give you a list of handy and convenient splitting and merging tools to remove the hassle in your life. With that, here are the best tools to use in splitting and merging your PDF files.

PDF Bear

PDF Bear is a handy software that most people use to handle their PDF documents. This software can provide its split PDF online free tool to easily split their PDF file into individual documents in just a few clicks. Besides the splitting tool, you can also use its merger, rotate, protect, converter, and more. If you’re a newbie, you can easily use the split PDF tool because it provides clear and straightforward instruction.

This software is also accessible in multiple operating systems like Linux, Mac, or Windows. Because it is web-based, you can easily access its different features using your smartphone, personal computer, laptop, or tablet. It’s the safest PDF software that people use to maintain the privacy and confidentiality of their documents.


A lot of people will need to use SmallPDF because it can easily remove a password from a PDF file, convert JPG files to PDF, convert PDF files to a Word file, and the other way around. The most noteworthy function that Smallpdf can provide is combining and merging tools to incorporate tons of PDF files to create a newly merged PDF document. This software can also give specific and comprehensive features to easily edit your files that are usually merged into a single procedure.

With Smallpdf, users can quickly remove PDF pages or reposition those pages while you are merging multiple PDF documents. It’s quite necessary to keep in mind that every document that will be edited and uploaded in the system of Smallpdf are instantly removed, not more than an hour. That is also why many people will recommend this platform because of how safe it is to use.

Combine PDF

If you read its name, this software function is one of the best PDF combining features that many people can access conveniently. With the service of Combine PDF, all of its users are allowed to combine 20 PDF or image documents into a single document. Users can also rearrange the arrangement of the PDF file pages while you are merging your files into one.

While its name is Combine PDF, this platform’s service is not limited to merging your files only. You can also use this software to convert multiple file formats like PDF files to JPG, Word, or HTML and vice versa. The system of Combine PDF also guarantees that all of your documents are safe and private. Every upload, edited, and downloaded files are removed from this software system after one hour.

Soda PDF

Soda PDF is an online PDF managing tool that people can use to edit their PDF files anytime and anywhere. To combine all of your PDF files into one PDF data, users have to select and upload their files to the website or add the data from their Dropbox or Google Drive. After that, Adjust the sequence of your PDFs after they are uploaded to the server. Then press the “Merge Files” button to begin the merging process.

After the process and all of your files are merged, Soda PDF will take you to the result page. Users can either choose to download or view the merged file in the web browser or send it to other people or yourself.


Handling tons of PDF files is a pain in the head and inconvenient to many people, but using the right software will turn your life from chaotic to convenient and comfortable in managing them. Choose the PDF merger, and splitting tool that you think can help you make your life easier.