If paperwork is a huge part of your work life and you’re feeling a little overwhelmed, not to worry because there are now special apps you can put on your mobile phone and fill out and manage those forms digitally instead of with hard copies. A mobile form is simply a digital form that you can put on your mobile phone, fill it out, and even send it to people afterward if you need to. It allows you to fill in the information, check off things you’ve done, and so much more, making this a tool you will soon consider something you can’t do without. Here are some of the many advantages to these types of apps:

1. It Increases Staff Productivity

Since digital forms are so much more efficient than paper forms, your staff productivity is bound to increase once you start using them. Sharing data and collaborating with others is faster, and since you can access these forms from anywhere, all of your tasks will get done a lot faster. This means that staff can get more done in a shorter period of time, increasing their productivity by leaps and bounds.

2. It Can Speed up Response Time

Fast response times to your staff, customers, and suppliers is important. Efficiency is crucial when you own a business, and a digital mobile form makes it super easy to respond back and forth when an important document needs to be filled in by several people so it can be completed. As a general rule, apps such as these increase the response time to these entities ten-fold, which makes a huge difference when it comes to the efficiency of your business, not to mention the bottom line.

3. It Means a More Efficient Invoicing Process

Invoicing your customers and others is important because this is how you get paid. If you’re out of the office a lot, an app that provides you with the ability to deal with digital invoices regardless of where you are can save you a lot of time and money. Faster invoicing means faster payments, and this is a good thing for both parties because without receiving money from the companies you work with, you’ll quickly go out of business.

4. It Allows for Real-Time Data Sharing

With real-time data sharing, your data gets to the other party an average of three to five days sooner. People are restless these days, and they like to receive things instantly, including data. Digital forms that you can utilize on your mobile phone allow for much faster data entry and sending of data. This, in turn, results in a more efficiently run business whether you’re sending or receiving the information.

5. It Allows for a Faster Return on Investment (ROI)

With mobile apps that provide digital forms to customers, the improved efficiency alone gets you closer to your return on investment before you know it. On average, these types of apps allow many businesses to recover their costs on the app within the first year of use. In other words, digital forms found on mobile apps are very cost-effective, and this is important to any business.

6. It Saves Hours of Admin Time Every Week

With a mobile form app, anyone in the company can enter the data needed, and they can do it anywhere. Even if an employee is out in the field, they can enter data into the forms as needed and send it to the appropriate party. This means that fewer data entry specialists will be needed, which saves money on employees. Since payroll is most businesses’ biggest expense, this is important when you’re budgeting for your yearly expenses.

7. It Allows You to Send Data to Multiple Sources

If you’re using a digital app and you need to send a form back to someone, it doesn’t have to stop there. Not only can you send the form back to anyone at your company, but you can send it to anyone outside of the company, as well as websites such as Google Docs, QuickBooks, Share Point, SalesForce, and Dropbox, among many others. In fact, you can send the data anywhere it needs to go, even sending it to multiple people at the same time if that’s what you need to do.

8. You Can Capture and Send More Than Just Data

When you’re using a digital form, you can do more than just enter data. With the right mobile app consisting of forms, you can also capture and send great photos, high-quality videos, audio notes, and just about anything else you need to send to someone. Good apps mean all of these things will be clear and easy to read or hear, and it’s merely convenient knowing that you can send any type of file to whoever needs to receive it.