Portable Document Format or PDF, is one of the friendliest document formats to use these days. It’s the best choice of format to share, print, and download from the internet as it works well with any system. PDF files are replacing paper-based documents in our daily use of documents. It is essential to keep knowledgeable about how to utilize a PDF file.

PDFBear is the best option for you to configure your PDF file. Configuring your PDF file is an important thing to learn if you are using PDF on a day-to-day basis. As PDFBear offers a long list of functions for every PDF file needs. Here are some of its most recommended functions you should use for your PDF files.

Why Convert Your Document Into PDF?

It is no brainer that Microsoft office is one of the best choices when writing programs for your documents. As most individuals are more familiar with Microsoft office, they stick with the same writing program for their documents. However, sometimes, when using Microsoft Office is not fit for sharing throughout the internet.

The reason most individuals convert DOC to PDF is that of the benefits you can have when you are using the PDF. Here are some examples to convert your DOC into a PDF file.

PDF Files Cannot Be Edited

Any recipient can easily configure word documents. In most cases, it is not needed for anyone to alter a document. Most of the documents don’t need any additional or changes. Some examples of the documents that don’t need any configuration from its recipient are invoices, handouts, contracts, paper and essay, and results.

It is also beneficial for the sender to use PDF files when their documents have a watermark or a signature. Hence, the importance of the benefit of a PDF file has to keep your document intact.

PDF files Keep The Original Format

Compared to Word documents, when you open your document into other platforms, it will deliver a vast difference when opening it with Apple Mac compared to Windows, as the formatting of the PDF file is, for some instances, poorly translated. However, even if you use PDF files on different platforms or any device, your PDF file will always show the original format.

Converting your documents into a PDF file will prevent any instances for your document to change its original format. Having a document that will keep its original format is essential even when using any device like mobile, laptop, tablet, and desktop for the vital document that doesn’t need any addition or editing from its recipient.

A Mobile-Friendly Format

As we have discussed in the previous topic, the original format of a PDF file will be shown the same even when opened on different devices like mobiles, laptops, desktops, or any device. PDF files can be opened using any device available, making it a convenient factor, especially when using a mobile device where most individuals carry it every time.

As PDF files can easily be viewed when using a mobile device, it is like carrying several books with you when having multiple PDF files on your mobile device. That is one reason most people love to convert their documents into PDF files.

PDF files Are More Secure

Security is utmost the most important thing when dealing with necessary documents. You might find yourself in trouble when someone can get into your confidential documents from the internet. When using a Word document format, the best thing you can do is put it in a “read-only” to keep anyone from configuring your document.

However, it can easily be copy-paste into a new document and reproduced on the internet. A PDF file can protect your confidential documents effectively from those individuals with malicious intent with your documents. You can encrypt a password to your PDF file to restrict the viewers of your personal document.

By putting a password to your PDF file, you are limiting your document’s audience only to its recipient. However, you cannot keep track of whether the recipient will share your documents with others. Overall, it is still a beneficial function to keep strangers away from your document.

PDF Files Does Not Have Different Versions

Most individuals are getting confused every time a new version of Microsoft Office is released. When a new version of Microsoft Office is released, most individuals must learn the new features it comes with. As you are learning the unique features of the latest version, it will take time for you to get used to the newest version.

However, when you are using PDF, it only comes with a single version. Yes! PDF is not linked to any version from Adobe. You can still open a PDF file from ten years ago, and it will exactly look the same. Those are the primary reasons most individuals love to use PDF files for their documents. It is quick and easy to have a quality and convenient experience for everybody.

How To Convert Your Doc Into a PDF

To convert your document into a PDF. You will need an online PDF converter tool like PDFBear. PDFBear is a helping hand in converting documents into PDF, or vice versa where you can convert your PDF into other formats of documents. A comprehensive option of functions is organized adequately for you. You need to visit the website of PDFBear and click on the function that you need.

The next step is to convert your document into a PDF. A well-detailed instruction will be given to you to help you convert your document with ease. Once you’re done, you can download the newly converted document into your device storage or online storage.


PDFs are mostly used because of the benefits it comes with their document format. Word documents and PDF are the top formats most individuals use, and these two formats have their advantage and drawbacks. It is essential to keep an online PDF converter tool to help you convert from format to format and utilize every advantage you can have.