Starting a company requires precise planning to guarantee a successful and organized launch. The fundamentals of a startup business include securing a license for business operations, registering for a proper structure to making an appropriate plan of business, selecting an office space, and many more.

Once you established a small company, maintaining its business procedures can be confusing and costly, but the recent applications of today can help you save money and time.

From managing company transactions and scheduling business meetings to maintain track, and a lot more, there are a wide collection of online tools that you can utilize every day to facilitate the route towards business success. To help you smoothen your entrepreneurial life, here are the applications you need to download:


You can organize each organization into channels that the user can define with the help of this app. Whether you need to separate the channels by the department, project team, or other organization or not, it is entirely up to you.

Not merely does this practical application allows for immediate messaging, because Slack also integrates with other applications such as MailChimp, Twitter, and Google Hangouts to keep the conversations in one place.

Plus, you can assign these notifications to appear on the channel that you want. For instance, establish a channel with the marketing supervisor and make Twitter as you preferred notification, so both you and the marketing supervisor are aware in case your institution receives a direct message, mention, or retweet.


The reality about client service is that wherever and whenever your consumers have an excellent experience, that particular experience will become their new standard for how they would like other businesses to treat them.

Real and surprisingly pleasant communication with clients is increasingly becoming an essential factor for businesses. Intercom app utilizes a combination of live chat, education, and more to make things more manageable for your business startup to interact and engage with your customers.

That way, it can help you focus more on settling the problems before they even arise and guarantee that your company is converting consumers into supporters.


There are situations while you are handling your business when you will come across a challenge where you require a particular set of abilities that your team merely does not possess.

Since it is a one-time project that does not require repeating, you do not need to hire Robots or someone a fulltime job and deal with those unstimulating paperwork since you have more jobs to do.

Instead of overthinking, you might want to consider downloading Upwork to locate a self-governing contractor who can assist you in getting the project done. Whether your concern is web development, copywriting, or graphic design, you can always find a person who is willing to take the job and handle whatever task you may want them to complete.

The bidding, review, and reference policy help you guarantee that you are working with an excellent person, whatever the duty may be.


Now, we will proceed on the issue of fees. Depending on your business type, there are a series of paperwork that you must execute to get the payment for the job.

Tracking and managing invoices can become a steep order, but luckily, there is an application that can help you finish the job, and that is Freshbooks.

You can smoothly create professional and straightforward invoices, establish recurring invoices for the clients, and allow charge cards on your smartphone with this excellent application.

Freshbooks also features statement of profit and loss, generation of business report, and tracking of expenses to assist you to remain completely in control of all the things you must keep.


Teams must help each other to get more things done as quickly as possible, but this also indicates that you need to spend more time handling people and organizing deadlines. When things get particularly messy, then you must need to download Trello.

This application is an organization and task management program that helps you in tracking the tasks as easy as possible. Trello can also structure projects, centralize communications, and check the get the tasks ticked off your list as never before.

To Conclude

Establishing a startup business is not an easy task, and managing it makes it even more challenging. On the bright side, with the help of these helpful applications, you can now handle your business easier while keeping everything in control.