Automobiles have indeed made our lives incredibly convenient, but they demand a lot of attention as there are multiple everyday issues with them that need to be dealt on a regular basis. One of them is the paint condition of your vehicles, especially larger ones like trucks because paint jobs done by even the automotive paint care experts do not last long. 

One reason for this is the deteriorating quality of the environment, and when you couple it with moisture in the air, it is a recipe for corrosion especially in trucks. Therefore, it will be a good idea to invest in paint booth for truck especially if your workload revolves around working with buses, trucks and other large vehicles. We have discussed here four things you must look for in such truck booths, so that it gets easier for you to choose a both suited to your needs.  

  1. Value versatility:

Versatility is the first attribute you must look for in a premium truck booth because you are going to have vehicles of varying sizes. Therefore, your selected booth must be versatile enough to meet the needs of all the vehicles. You must always choose a manufacturer who is willing to hear out your needs, and create a booth particularly designed to fulfill all the requirements you chalked out to create the ideal truck booth. Moreover, not that you should be able to choose the exact dimensions of the booth, but you must also decide whether you want it constructed for an indoor or an outdoor setting. 

  1. Selection of air flow:

Truck air booths employ the air flow to carry out their operations, and they use various air configurations like cross flow, semi downdraft, side draft and downdraft. Therefore, consider these air configurations carefully before choosing a booth because all of these air settings have different applications and are suited for different businesses. For example, cross flow pattern does not involve a lot of air flow, and is often used by companies painting trucks and other large equipment.

In semi downdraft pattern, the air flows diagonally from top to bottom and creates an even flow of air that eliminates the risk of over spraying. It is mostly popular for its versatility because it can be used for various operations. Moreover, it is incredibly compact and is perfect for businesses that are looking to provide painting services without having to compromise on a lot of floor space. Side draft pattern is particularly popular because its installation is cheaper and quicker, while the down draft is the most well-rounded air configuration because it is designed to boost productivity, efficiency, and to prevent over spraying.

  1. Selection of skins:

Truck booths have the option to be manufactured with insulated or non-insulated cabins, which are also known as single or double skins. Choose a double skin cabin only if your business requires faster production because it retains the heat inside and leads to faster drying time. Otherwise, you would be fine with a single skin booth. 

  1. Smart Control Panels:

There are many variables like air temperature, baking time and spray settings that need to be altered consistently with utmost precision and delicacy. Therefore, select a truck booth that has a digital or smart control panel because it will provide the booth with fantastic customizability by offering deeper menu options.