Land Rover’s are one of the most sought-after SUVs on the market today. Hailed for their brilliant integration of style and class with industry proven off road capabilities, Land Rover has established a cult like following. But don’t worry the good kind.

With such a hard-core base, finding a decent used Rover can be a tall task since people are usually very hesitant to give them up. Finding a good deal on one of those white rabbits can prove even tougher. But with the right mindset and some tips from us, it’s completely doable.

Finding the best deal is about more than just price. We want you to find the best combination of condition, mileage and cost. So, here’s how.

Know Your Budget

Before you can set out on the quest to find the best price, you have to know what kind of price you’ll be searching for. There are some easy to use calculators available online to help you determine monthly payments and your ability to get approved.

When you’re ready to start, contact the bank of your choice and try getting a preapproval letter. They’ll typically advise you of how much you’re qualified for and give you a preliminary interest rate. This will go a long way in your search and negotiations.

Narrow Your Search

Assuming you’ll be starting your search on the interwebs, it’s a losing battle to just hop on a site such as autotrader and start randomly searching for used Land Rovers. You’ll wind up with a plethora of results ranging in years, models, mileage, colors, and location. That’s like finding a needle in a needle stack.

Before you start your search, figure out exactly what you’re looking for and don’t budge. Decide on year range, color, mileage range, interior options, etc. Narrowing your search to only the vehicles you would actually purchase makes the search 10 times easier.

Include Private Sellers

Oftentimes, people forget that regular joes sell their cars privately, or person to person. Purchasing a car from a private seller is no different than from a dealer, just usually a lot less paperwork.

Typically, private sellers will be selling their vehicles for less as their not trying to recoup marketing fees, building payments, salaries and the like that a dealership would be. Also, these sellers may be the only owner and can provide full service records and a history of the car that a dealer cannot.

If you do choose to purchase through a private seller, it’s imperative to take all the same precautionary steps you would buy anything from someone on the internet. Take someone with you to meet them, keep your situational awareness high, and never back yourself into a corner or closed room.

Yes, Even That Little Scratch

Don’t be afraid to negotiate. In many cultures, not haggling on a price is considered a sign of disrespect, so why risk it? When you’re purchasing a used vehicle, there’s a high likelihood that you’ll find some dents, dings, scratches and defects.

Even if you never intend on getting those little imperfections fixed, you shouldn’t back down from pointing them out. Ask the owner or salesman for some space and take a slow walk around. Look inside. Evaluate every corner of the vehicle and note any imperfections. When you’re done, point out everything you found to the seller.

If you’re working with a dealer, don’t hold back. This car is just a deal to them and they have nothing vested in it.

However, if you’re working with the current owner, tread carefully and tactfully. They will most likely have a personal attachment to the car and insulting them or hurting their feelings could end a deal before it even gets off the ground.

Finding the primo deal on a used Land Rover can be done. With the right combination of research, time, patience and skill, even the most novice car buyer can accomplish getting a great price. With our top tips above, that process just got easier.