Owning an RV offers some fantastic travel and camping opportunities, but it also comes with the maintenance required of an RV owner. Over 11 million households in the United States own an RV, but few have an RV cleaning routine for their investments.

Making common RV cleaning errors could cause severe damage to your RV, putting your health at risk and taking away from your future adventures. Regular RV inspections will prevent issues from escalating, but knowing how to do maintenance on your own is essential.

Fortunately, you’ve found this in-depth guide to the five mistakes you need to avoid when maintaining and cleaning your RV after your next camping trip in nature. Continue reading for help with maintenance and minor RV repairs today!

1. Not Checking Tire Pressure

It’s critical to check tire pressure as part of your RV cleaning routine to keep your family and investment safe before a big trip. Your tires play a massive role in helping you get to the campsite safe and sound. Inspect your tires before hitting the road to ensure the best trip possible.

It’s also wise to check your tread while inspecting your tires. Poor tire tread could result in dangerous driving conditions should it rain or snow during your drive to the campsite.

2. Not Cleaning Up

Cleaning your RV is an essential part of a maintenance routine, and it’s something you shouldn’t put off after you get home from your latest adventure.

You’ll set your next trip up for more challenges since you must clean up before heading out. Cleaning RV windows ensures you can take in all the sights in nature.

3. Not Covering Your RV

Your RV should have a covered space when you’re storing it to prevent water damage and leaks. You can escape this part of RV maintenance if you rent an RV, but it’s best to plan ahead if you decide to purchase an RV. Protecting your RV from the elements will reduce repair costs and keep it in perfect condition.

4. Overcleaning the Floors

It’s a matter of time until you or your family tracks dirt and mud into the RV after a day in the outdoors. Cleaning the mess is wise, but avoid overcleaning your RV’s floors to prevent damage. The wrong RV cleaning supplies will damage your floor’s protective layer.

5. Not Checking Window Seals

Always check your window seals when cleaning RV windows. A window with a busted seal will allow water into your RV and result in significant water damage and mold growth. You can catch this issue before it escalates with an RV cleaning routine.

Avoid These Common RV Cleaning Errors Today

An RV is a massive investment, and avoiding the common RV cleaning errors is vital if you want to enjoy family camping trips far into the future. Avoid overcleaning your RV’s floors, and purchase the best RV cleaning supplies to maintain your investment. Check your tires and window seals for a safe and memorable camping trip before hitting the road.

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