Moving to a new place can be exciting, just if you handle the relocation part perfectly. While you can hire professional movers and packers to carry your household stuff, things can be a little more challenging when it comes to shipping your car. Preparing the vehicle for long-distance shipping is a good idea and so is hiring a reliable auto transport company to carry it safely to the new destination. The aim is to make the entire process as smooth as possible so that you can avoid any unpleasant surprises. While your transport provider will have you reasonably covered, there are a few things that you need to do yourself to get your automobile all set for shipping. Here is all that you need to know in this context.

Check your car for damage well in advance 

The first step is to assess the current condition of the vehicle even before you start considering your shipping options. If you are transporting an inoperable car, it is your responsibility to disclose the fact when booking a company. For a vehicle in operating condition, you need to check it for leaks, mechanical issues, and potential damage and inform the shipper about them. This is important because they might have to take certain precautions for shipping a damaged vehicle. The basic check-up requires a look at the tires, fluids, mileage, and battery charge.

Consider your relocation scenario

Before you begin looking for an auto transport service provider, start by considering your relocation scenario because it can influence the service cost to a significant extent. A majority of relocations take place from April to September, which makes them the peak season for carriers. Since demand is high during these months, you may not be able to find a carrier easily. Further, the cost of the service will be considerably higher even if you do find one. Bear in mind these facts so that you are prepared with the optimal budget for auto transport.

Book your auto transport service 

Booking an auto transport service well in advance makes sense if you want to avoid last-minute hassles. Moreover, early bookings can help you get some pricing benefits as well. So it should be the next step in getting ready for a long-distance relocation. Consider a few providers and check their reviews, service quality, locations they serve, and experience. You can learn more about them by having a look at their websites. The best way is to ask for quotes from a few of them and settle for one that you find the best from reliability and costing perspectives. Still, don’t just opt for the cheapest service because the safety of your vehicle matters the most.

Get the car ready for the day of shipping

Once you have the booking sorted out, the next phase of work involves getting the car ready for the day of shipping. Clean the interior and wash the exterior properly to ensure that the vehicle looks as good as new. Remove the flammable items, custom products (such as stereo and GPS system), and personal belongings from the car. Remove the toll tag as well because it will be changed while the vehicle passes through the tolls and you are most likely to have it empty eventually. Another key aspect of getting your car shipping-ready is to secure loose parts to prevent damage in transit.

Don’t forget gas and spare keys

The aspects that are easy to forget are gas and spare keys but make sure that you handle them as well. The gas tank should only be a quarter full because a full tank increases the weight and shipping costs and elevates the risk of combustion too. Secondly, be sure that you bring both sets of car keys. Has an extra made if you only have one set of keys because you will need to provide one set to the crew to drive the car on and off the carrier? Remember to take pictures of existing scratches and damage because you would want to assess them once the car reaches the destination. This is a good way to avoid disputes if there is some damage during transit.

Now that you are done with all these steps, your vehicle is all set for being shipped to the new place. With a reliable auto transport service, you can rest assured that it will reach your destination safely and without any hassles. And you need not worry about the car, so it is time to handle the other aspect of the move!