Finding the right and cheap tires Canada for your car is not as easy as buying the tires. Car tires wear out after three to four years, after which they need to be replaced. However, you have to be careful to buy the right tires because your car will not perform, as it should if you get it wrong. When choosing car tires, you can select one of the three types; all-season, summer, and winter. 

Buying all-season tires is cheaper and more convenient than buying winter or summer tires. This is because, with these one-weather cheap tires Canada, you have to replace them when the season is over. However, although all-season tires deliver a good performance, you cannot compare them with the summer and winter tires during their seasons. Their performance is exceptional.  These seasonal tires are made with superior traction for the type of weather, hence their good performance.

1. Do You Know the Right Size of Tires for Your Car?

You can get the right size of car tires on your owner’s manual. There is also a placard on the side of the driver’s door that shows the recommended tire size. The label has measurements of the width and the diameter. Also, a load index on the label shows how much weight the car can carry on that tire. There is a speed rating. It shows the speed limit of the tires. When choosing new cheap tires Canada for your vehicle, you should get the exact measurements of the size given; the width and diameter. However, you can select a higher load and speed limit. 

2. What is Your Most Preferred Type of Tires?

When researching the types of cheap tires Canada available, some retailers and websites will mention the varieties they have, but they might not tell you about the ones missing in their store. Do your research on different sites to see all the types of tires available. 

  • All-Season Tires

These tires give a good grip on all weather. They have an S and T speed rating and are best preferred on mainstream cars and SUVs. They are also suitable if you have long mileage. 

  • Performance All-Season Tires

They are mainly found on new cars with upgraded wheels. They have better performance than the all-weather tires and are known for better cornering grip. These tires have the labels H and V, which show the speed rating. Performance tires are not as durable as all-weather tires.

  • Summer Tires

They are mainly installed in sports cars and performance sedans. Summer tires have a speed rating of ZR-, W, and Y. It is hard to tell the difference between the all-season and summer tires because they almost resemble in terms of appearance, unless you get a manufacturer to give you the differences.  However, one main difference is that you will not find a label M&S on summer tires because they are not made for mud and snow.

  • Cheap Winter Tires

These are easy to identify. They have a mountain and snowflake symbol because they are mainly made for snowy seasons. Their treads also have a difference from the rest. These are the best for breaking and steering in cold climates. However, they don’t do an excellent job in the summer.

3. Buy Quality

As important as the size and type are, so is the quality. If you want better performing tires that will last you a long time, you have to pay a higher price. This is the “you get what you pay for” kind of purchase. However, prices vary with different stores. If a store is offering quality cheap tires Canada with discounts, go for that. Take advantage of the deals. 

Choose a known brand that allows you to choose different types at different prices. If you go for cheap tires to save money, they will wear out fast, which will take you back to the store for another purchase. Also, find a quality tire store to deal with. Reputable brands are easier and safe to buy from because they rarely offer counterfeits. You can ask for recommendations or do your research. You can also ask your car dealer to recommend the best type of tires for your car.