Buying a brand new car comes with a lot of excitement. It is well furnished and scented. The interior is well polished and looks amazing. It gives you the best feeling while driving it. Nevertheless, we pay dearly for all these features of the new car. When there is an intense shopping spree of a certain car, people rush to purchase it. Some will purchase it to relieve them from external pressures. A car that is new hardly breaks down and makes you so comfortable. In a real sense, the buyer always loses a great deal.

Purchasing used cars is just the same as purchasing a house. With time, there are loses that are involved because of constant repairs, so it comes with disappointments. Its value decreases with time; therefore it is not advisable to purchase a new car. A new car is quite expensive and if you can afford it, buys one that fulfills your heart desires. In the 21st Century, cars have become very costly. They go for $20k and above for a basic car. A more sophisticated car goes for $30k and above. When a year elapses after buying a car, its price tag falls from $20k to $17k. It decreases drastically with its value.

A brand new car may give the buyer a piece of mind. Although, the car may be reliable if you do your calculations critically, you will have incurred a great loss whereby some people would have invested the excess money elsewhere. Nevertheless, there may be breakdowns that the warranty will cover within the warranty period.

 Buy Used Cars at Cheap Prices

There are two main reasons why a used car is cheaper. One is that once a car is purchased and it is driven, its value depreciates instantly. In a year, it depreciates by 20%. This increases the chances of you buying a used car.

Secondly, it is difficult to make a full payment in advance when purchasing a car. Although a person may seek a loan to purchase a car, then make premium payments to the financial institution that loaned him the cash. The financial institutions are reluctant to give loans because people fail to give it back. When a person fails to honor their payments, the car is taken back by the financial institutions.

When cars are reprocessed, the financial institutions auction them immediately to avoid depreciation values and so that they can salvage their money. The advantages that come with these cars are that people can purchase cars that are still new. The other advantage is that the buyers are protected from dealers that may take advantage of them.

 It is important to have a picture in our mind concerning the car we wish to purchase. Also, have a few options that you can pick from. You will be able to choose the perfect car for yourself and a good deal, if you conduct intense research and going through the different variety of car dealers. Using the internet, go through the history of the second-hand car. All you have to do is to type in the vehicle identification number (VIN).  It gives a lot of information about the car. For example, the number of accidents it has had, the later owner of the car, mileage it was rolled back to and whether it was a stolen car.

The dealer should be able to provide a maintenance record. If he doesn’t provide it, you should go to the repair shop where the car was attended to. The customer must ensure that the automobile is test-driven on the roads of different kinds of states.  A mechanic who is trustworthy to be safe with that car should do this. This will confirm to you whether the car is roadworthy. Inquire about the warranty of the used cars . If it does not cover everything, it is best to obtain a service contract.


Make a comparison of the price tags of the brands you wish to purchase before buying one. The internet gives best results about it. This will keep you safe from being overvalued by the car dealer. Do an extensive study and research about the models of used cars you would love to purchase. Take your time as much as possible, and you will attain a good deal and a long lasting car. Be free to consult an expert if you have no information about the car. Consult a friend who has expertise in the topic of discussion. Ensure that your friend is trustworthy. Don’t go around talking to everyone to give you information because so many of them will try to lure you. If you are a citizen of Colorado Springs then you have the best option to buy used cars in Colorado Springs within your budget . Once you have agreed on the price, you have the pleasure to experience and own your new second-hand car.