Hair care is one aspect of the beauty industry that continues to grow increasingly popular. More and more, there are new options for all different types of hair.

In addition, the move towards environmentally-friendly, alcohol-free, non-toxic products is becoming quite common.

In 2024, the global hair industry is expected to reach $102.28 billion. With such a booming industry, there are more than enough ways to care for thick hair.

While thick hair can be healthy and beautiful, having thick hair can sometimes be overwhelming or stressful. So how should you care for it?

Keep reading to uncover 5 of the essential thick hair maintenance tips.

1. Make Sure You’re Washing It Properly

Thick hair tends to be drier than thin hair because the hair itself is thicker and it has fewer oil glands. The great thing about this fact is that, if you have thick hair, you shouldn’t have to wash it as often. 

Shampooing your hair removes dirt, debris, and many different types of odors. It can also remove natural oils, like the oil that hair gets due to secretion from sebaceous glands. That being said, that same oil keeps hair moisturized. If you’re washing your hair twice a day no matter what type of hair you have, it can dry out your scalp and your hair.

Shampoos that contain sulfates can remove good oils from the hair. While they might keep the hair looking fresh and clean, they can also damage hair.

Look for a shampoo that is sulfate-free and as natural as possible. Oils like coconut, jojoba, and argan all sink in and restore moisture to your hair. They are powerful ingredients to look for in a shampoo.

Don’t over wash your hair but make sure you do wash it twice a week.

2. Get the Right Cut on a Regular Basis

You want to keep your ends clean and healthy, especially if you have thick hair. In cutting thick hair, make sure you’re getting a hair cut every 12 to 16 weeks. And ask your hair stylist to thin out the thicker areas at every other appointment. You don’t want to do it at every appointment and be left with your hair looking too thin. But thinning shears can do wonders for thick hair once in a while.

Keep in mind that it might be in your best interest to keep it long. Shorter hair requires much more maintenance, styling, and product. So if you’re looking to save time but also want to manage luscious styles, keep it shoulder length or longer.

3. Know How to Handle Humidity

Be aware of humidity as it does no good to thick hair. Using Keratin-based products to fight the frizz is one of the best thick hair tips. These products will fill out the hair follicle and in turn, de-frizz your hair. You could also look for a shampoo that has keratin in it and use it at least once a week.

Another dream product for frizziness is a serum. Not only does it make your hair look healthier and shinier, but it also stops as many tangles from forming. It also helps protect your hair from humidity and dust.

Use it before you go out as prevention against dry and damaged hair. There is also some at-home thick hair care that you can do to keep your hair moisturized. You can mix your own concoctions using things like coconut oil, shea butter, and avocado. If you know that you won’t be wearing it down or styling it for a couple of days, rub coconut oil all through your hair and let it set in overnight.

Serum and coconut oil can also both help fight dry and flaky scalps.

4. Dry It the Right Way

When you have thick hair, it can take a long time to let it air dry. That being said, it also takes much longer to blow dry. And blow drying your hair can cause a lot of damage to your hair, including drying it out.

Let your hair air dry for a bit first. Then blow dry it on a medium setting. Make sure you don’t hold it too close and you end with cool air.

When it comes to drying it, make sure you get the right hair dryer if you have thick hair.

5. Treat It Right When It’s Wet

When your hair is wet, it’s the most vulnerable. Avoid excessive drying with a towel or yanking a brush through it right away. Brush the ends first using a wide-toothed comb, and move up from there. 

Pat it with a towel to remove excessive wetness and used the wide-toothed calm to brush out any tangles.

6. Braid It and Keep It Contained at Night

If you need a quick fix on the way out the door, you can never go wrong with a braid. Furthermore, braids are a great way to keep your hair calm at night. 

If you don’t braid it, try to keep it contained at night so that it doesn’t get tangled and frizzy while you sleep. 

Embrace Your Thick Hair and You’ll Notice a Difference

If you see a photo of a hairstyle that you covet, chances are that it’s been washed and styled and filled with product to get to that point. But if you have thick hair, all you need to do is take charge and start taking care of it the right way to start achieving the look that you want.

Start small. Get yourself a great comb, some moisturizing shampoo and conditioner, a good reputable serum, and the right hair dryer to get you started. You won’t regret it!