When you watch Korean dramas or even watch Hallyu stars performing on stage, you can’t help but be distracted by their impeccable skin. Their skin glows, and it’s glassy and watery. It is simply amazing. Maybe it’s the make-up, but you cannot deny that when their faces are bare, what lies underneath is just beautiful skin.

The reality does not only apply to stars. When you walk down the streets of Seoul, you may notice that many men and women have good skin. Middle-aged women and men may not have the same glassy skin, but you will see that theirs are still fair, clean, and glowing.

But their good skin is a product of a variety of factors. Below are some of the possible reasons; note that these factors are not absolute, as they are just mere observations.

The Climate

It’s important to note that South Korea has a temperate climate. That means that it is miles away from the equator, where heat and sunlight are prominent. Sunlight, while useful, can damage the skin. Weather that is not too hot or humid is good for the skin. However, if you live in a tropical country, you should not lose hope. You can always take precautionary measures to protect our skin. One way of doing so is through regularly using sunscreen and having yourself checked by a dermatologist.

Their Food

Some people may not realize it, but the food that you eat can influence the health of your skin. If you take notice of Korean cuisine, it is filled with vegetables. From the iconic kimchi to colorful bibimpap and banchan (side dishes), you can easily say that their diet is rich in fiber. According to researchers, fiber does not only help deal with constipation and digestive issues. It may also help in dealing with skin conditions, such as acne and rashes. Thankfully, you can adopt the same diet for your skin. And soon enough, you’ll realize that it will benefit not only your skin but also your overall health.

Their Mindset: Skincare is an Investment

This fact is present in every society: looks are everything. They are social currency. However, it seems that many Koreans – even men – take it too seriously. With this mindset, they might have come to treat skincare as an investment. For some of them, going to the dermatologist is not a chore. They have even developed a complicated skincare routine, which involves ten steps!

Skincare Is Within Reach

The effects of the prevailing skincare and perfection culture can be easily observed in the presence of many skincare clinics scattered throughout cities. Some may even joke that the presence of these clinics may rival that of convenience stores. Because of competition, the prices of services tend to stay within reach. And if you visit places such as Myeongdong, you’ll see a lot of shops selling skincare products, ranging from skin white tonerto anti-aging creams.

Get inspired

Koreans, indeed, have a strong dedication to their skincare. So it’s not surprising that a lot of them have a glassy and clear complexion. What’s nice is that you can adopt some of these steps even if you’re not living in Korea.