Travelers are quite tricky people to get gifts for, especially those that move around more often. Most of them rarely carry heavy luggage and choose to leave things that they do not need behind. Therefore, before selecting the gift, you need to make sure that first, it is not bulky, and that it is something they are willing to move around with everywhere. Many people make the mistake of getting constant travelers gifts that they end up never using at all – what a disappointment.

For starters, a plane ticket may be one idea that you need to examine keenly, as no traveler would not appreciate one, especially on the window position. If he or she loves to travel with their kid, then you can equally consider getting a simple toy for the child. There are many travel gears that you can get your traveler friend or family. Most of them rarely cost much, as all you need is creativity. Here are ten of the most fun gift ideas that you can hand over to constant travelers:

1. Travel backpack

Of course, he or she will need this when traversing different terrain. A travel backpack is a lifetime companion to a perpetual traveler. It holds many vitals required during a trip. This is from the credit cards to the essentials like clothes and toiletries.

You can choose the color and design of the backpack based on the individual’s tastes and preferences. If you cannot tell his or her feelings and preferences, then consider asking intelligently, so that you do not ruin the surprise.

In addition to the backpack, you can get a travel padlock to secure everything in the bag. This might look like a simple item, but it is one of the most necessary things to give a traveler. You can get several of them to cover the bag, a hostel he or she will reside, and anywhere else they deem fit to lock and secure.

Most travelers never leave the house without their backpacks and their locks. Thus, you can be entirely sure that the recipient will use the gifts you get them more often.

2. Earplugs and travel pillows

Traveling creates a lot of disturbance to the ears and fatigue to the neck. The hectic noise that comes from the traveling process can cause a lot of pain in the ears. What better way to help your loved one than through getting them an additional layer of protection – earplugs. They are tiny little gadgets that block noise interference from the ears and ensure that one has a comfortable journey to the end of their destination.

Moreover, they are not only relevant when traveling, but also in certain stages of your travel, such as in a hostel.

Travel pillows help support the neck and back when on a long haul flight. They are best suited for avid travelers due to the constant strain they undergo from time to time.

3. A key chain and cardholder

These two items go hand in hand to ensure the safety of vital cards and keys. To be more creative, make a point of looking for a key chain with coordinates or a compass direction for that matter. This will help them whenever they get lost at any point in their travel. This, of course, is beside the point that the two will help to secure valuable items that are prone to get lost.

You can have both customized to fit the name of the individual and a few of his or her essential details. This will add a bit of personalization to the gifts.

4. A camera

You do not have to go for the high-endprofessional cameras. You can get a simple yet handy camera that will do the job just as much. Cameras are a great way to maintain memories and record events that take place for remembrance. This is an excellent gift for a constant traveler, as it would help him or her to document all the happenings at the places he or she visits.

Pick one out of the many light options under the professional cameras category. As much as he or she can take good shots using their smartphone, a camera would add a more professional and transparent touch to the photography. This is a perfect keepsake, especially for mountain lovers and hikers. You do not have to get a ‘Nat Geo’ model of camera to impress your loved one, just be simple.

5. A power reserve unit

Otherwise known typically as a power bank or portable charger, this device will help your loved one boost his or her items on the go. Mostly, travelers do not have enough time to boost their phones, cameras, and other devices continually. This is because they are always on the move. The best way to boost these devices, therefore, is through a portable power reserve unit. Preferably, pick one that has the largest capacity of power storage, and can serve multiple devices at the same time.

So many travelers have gone through the ordeal of having their devices die at least once in their ventures. Sometimes this happens when they are in dire need, and a power bank can save them the trouble.

6. Comfortable head or earphones

Music, anyone? The rhythm of the soul can never go stale. Most travelers would fancy headphones or earphones for a trip. A long flight can soon turn tedious and exhausting without some entertainment. A headphone or headset is an ideal gift for the typical traveler. Using such a device, he or she will listen to a customized playlist that meets his or her preferences.

What is more? Headphones, to be more precise, do the job of two in one – prevent background noises and entertain, of course. This is especially the case with noise-canceling variants, which fully get rid of annoying background noise, to offer exclusive entertainment.

7. Water bottles and food containers

Water is an integral substance for life. In essence, scientists argue that one can survive without food for a while, but not without water. Getting pure water wherever you go is not easy. Thus, it makes sense carrying some of your own.

Why not offer a classy water bottle gift to your loved one. This will not cost you much but will go a long way in pleasing the recipient. You can do this in addition to a food container, where he or she can store some snacks for the journey. For a traveler who loves outdoor exploration and camping, these items are mandatory and vital.

8. Hand and face wipes

The hardest part about traveling is the hygiene aspect, especially for outdoor explorers. If your loved one falls under this category of travelers, then a face or hand wipeis a critical item. Getting in contact with germs is nowhere out of the norm. With frequent handshakes, touching strange plants and animals to getting a hold of keys and other items, one can easily fall vulnerable to diseases.

An antibacterial hand or face wipe helps to deal with germs and keeps the hands & face clean for eating and other daily routines.

9. Asleep mask

Sleeping while traveling is not easy, especially when you have a seatmate who floods your face with light all journey. A sleeping mask, therefore, helps solve this problem completely. You will have your dark-like sleep without interruption from other lighting sources. This is equally great for hostels or sleeping rooms that border busy streets with lots of light.

10. A watch

Keeping time is one crucial virtue of traveling. For starters, you will miss your flight when you fail to observe time discipline. Thus, a watch comes quite in handy for a traveler, especially one with a compass direction.


If you are stuck on what to buy a regular traveler, the above examples can act as a guide. They are pocket-friendly and practical suggestions that we hope will help you land on the perfect gift.