A pitch deck is a vital tool to convince potential investors, partners, or even employees about your business proposal. It’s intended to be an overview of your company and the market you are in.

Here are 11 helpful pitch deck examples that were used by companies like Venngage, Uber, and Dropbox:


Venngage is a platform where people can easily create visual content, such as infographics and presentations, without any design skills required. It built this presentation on Venngage to help them get funding for their fast-growing startup.

Venngage raised $1 million back in 2015, which helped them grow their business substantially. Venngage now has over 500,000 users worldwide and allows people to create visually appealing content without any design skills. You may find a business pitch template on Venngage.

2. Airbnb

Airbnb has redefined the way we travel today while disrupting the entire hotel industry in the process with their “sharing economy.”

This sample pitch deck leads up to their Series C round, where they raised $100 million from Sequoia capital. You can also find an example of a business pitch on Venngage.

3. Venmo

Venmo is an example of a well-designed and practical investor pitch deck template that blew the funding doors off when it closed its seed funding at $1.2 million.

4. N26

It is one of my favorite examples of a best pitch deck template because it’s very well designed and has a unique style (the creator also later created Venngage).

5. Lyft

Lyft has been on a rollercoaster ride lately, and it aims to be the first and best transportation network for everyone, everywhere! They raised $530 million in their Series F round of funding with this presentation as an investor deck example.

6. Uber

The famous Uber pitch deck used in early rounds has become an internet sensation for its simplicity and ease to follow along with while explaining its market-leading strategy in ride-sharing. It would raise over $50 billion in the private markets and $11 billion in public funding.

7. Dropbox

The Dropbox deck is a favorite for many because of its easy-to-follow structure and how it became one of the most successful tech startups. The file-sharing company has now amassed over 500 million users and was valued at $10 billion after their Series A round, leading to over $500 million in investments.

8. Uber

Meeting the Challenges of Growth by Tony Hsieh (CEO Zappos) – This deck has been discussed for years as a great example that every entrepreneur should read because of its story and presentation style. The deck covers everything from finding a market fit, product design, hiring talent, building customer trust, among other things.

9. Stitch Fix

 Stitch Fix is another excellent example of an effective pitch deck with a good story that kept people interested the whole way through. Raised $42 million, and it’s easy to see why this deck was so successful with its simple visuals, storytelling ability, and friendly language used throughout.

10. Pinterest

Pinterest has recently filed for their IPO, but before this happened, they drafted up some fascinating statistics in their S-1 filing document, showing off revenue and user numbers which made everyone sit up and pay attention (the stats included: $756 million payment in 2017 and 250 million users). This presentation shows how to depict important data using impactful images instead of flat sheets or text-heavy slides.

11. Alibaba

It is the world’s largest IPO to date, raising over $25 billion in 2014 after its launch in 2007. What makes this so interesting, despite its age, is that they were really ahead of the game when creating their pitch deck and even went on to compete with Facebook for the most prominent tech startup by market cap (which they still hold today).

Be the Next Big Brand!

Some companies like Dropbox have become well known for having great decks because they played a significant part in securing funding for their business. While Venngage could also raise money and increase user numbers substantially, Dropbox’s success is an excellent example of how effective decks can be used as a marketing piece that helps sell your idea.

You might not be the next Dropbox or Uber after reviewing these presentations. Still, you will learn how to construct an easy-to-follow deck that keeps people interested from beginning to end by using impactful images, storytelling, and even good use of language. If you want to create your pitch deck, visit Venngage. They offer several templates made for you.