Happy employees are good employees, but the best employees are those who, aside from being happy, enjoy working together towards a common goal. Companies who achieve this can expect to do well, since having a staff who are giving their best for their employer is definitely something to value in today’s business world.

However, employees don’t just become happy and cooperative on their own. They usually need a little push. So, if you want your business to thrive and your employees to actually like working for you, you should plan some fun team building activities for them. In case you lack ideas, here are some good ones.

Go out and build a raft

This activity can be very challenging and entertaining at the same time and. Also, it will force you to work close as a team, strengthen your bonds and learn a thing or two about the people you work with. First, you should pick a place, and it would be best to make at least a day, or even a weekend of it. Rent a cabin for all of you somewhere near a lake or a river and build a functioning raft. Make sure it’s a strong raft which can hold all of you at the same time, so that you can try it out when you’re done.

This means that it has to be built from proper materials and in a serious and professional manner, since otherwise you won’t be able to sail on it, and that’s your final goal. Either do some thorough research online, or find somebody who actually knows how to build rafts to talk you all through it and then join your forces to create something cool as a team.

Explore the wilderness

Moving from your stuffed office into the great outdoors with its greenery and fresh air is a reward on its own. However, when you combine this with the excitement of being a part of wilderness and various other benefits this activity can bring to you and your staff, you’ll have to admit that this is one of the best ideas you could have pursued. This activity should last a few days, so that you can fully immerse in the new surroundings with your co-workers.

Choose a mountain, a forest, or a national park near you and make it a camping trip as well. It’s essential that your camping equipment is of best quality, so don’t leave without a premium tent, a warm and comfortable camping sleeping bag and perhaps a guitar and some marshmallows for some nighttime bonding over the camp fire. While exploring wilderness as a part of a team, you’ll get the chance to improve your communication, planning and decision-making skills, while enhancing your perception and resilience.

Do some charity work

With so many people in need and organizations who could use your help, collecting money for a charity should always be a welcome idea. Have a short meeting and have everyone give suggestions on who you can help and how you can do it. You should have two goals for this activity. One is to help others, and the other is to bond with your colleagues. This is why you shouldn’t simply donate money, but rather organize something that will require all of your presence and efforts to succeed.

For example, have a bake-off and get everybody to bake cookies or cupcakes which you can then sell or donate directly to those who need them, or visit an animal shelter and spend your day walking dogs and playing with them. This can actually have a therapeutic effect on you, but it may also encourage some of you to adopt a pet and get a true friend for life. Doing something for others can build your morale as a team and it can also be very enjoyable and fulfilling.

Play games

Reach for your inner child for this one and think of all the games that can still leave you giggling like you were a five-year-old kid. Mind you, when you actually were that young, making friends came naturally to you, so why not recreate situations that could lead to better understanding and shared joy between you and your colleagues? There is a whole range of games you can choose from, and perhaps each of you can suggest one. That way you can choose one game for each month of the year. For example, play a game of Cluedo, but without the board.

This means hiding real props and clues for the players, so that they can figure out the nature of the crime and find the guilty person. You can also find inspiration in one of the popular TV shows, such as Lip Sync Battle or Your Face Sounds Familiar, or simply have a karaoke competition after work hours. A scavenger hunt, a few hours of paintball or a quiz game such as Jeopardy will also do the trick, so make a choice and start playing. These kinds of activities can do wonders for your staff’s mood and positive attitude, which can in turn increase their productivity at the office.

When you get your employees to work together outside the office and in a more pleasurable atmosphere, you can expect your whole business to benefit from it. So, invest in team building and make your employees smile today.