Most companies hire developers without knowing much about software development and proper interviewing of the candidates. As a result, they fail to work effectively and don’t manage to complete the project satisfactorily.  Not to make others’ mistakes, check 5 things you should do to hire a 5-star dedicated team. 

Loose requirements

When you create a job description, take some time to elaborate on the list of your needs and expectations. This will increase the accuracy of your search significantly. For example, in the case of a web developer, you should research the must-have traits and define technical skills relevant to your project. 

Lack of a trial period

It may happen that you find great developers, but they are underqualified for your particular tasks. To prevent this risk, set a trial period where you can check the accuracy of project delivery. Never hire a dedicated team without validating their skills in real-life circumstances!

Poor onboarding

When you hire developers, don’t expect them to work perfectly just because they are qualified for that. Each company has a unique corporate environment, and it takes time to understand all its nuances. Invest as much time and attention to the newcomers as you can — this will turn into the pure dedication and high precision of their performance shortly.


In working with a dedicated team, effective communication is fundamental. You and your developers should understand each other perfectly — otherwise, you’ll never reach satisfactory results. Because of that, we don’t recommend companies in the USA to hire Asian freelancers. There’s a high risk of poor communication due to the timezone and cultural differences. You’d better search for developers in Eastern Europe instead.

Irrational mismatch

It often happens that a front-end or a back-end developer is good, but something tells you shouldn’t hire this specialist. Always listen to your heart! It’s a mistake to mistrust your gut. Your intuition warns there will be problems you don’t see today. Don’t underestimate its power!

Where to find good developers?

If you want to minimize the risks and find highly qualified specialists, we’re eager to help you! We’re LemApp, a tech agency from Kyiv, Ukraine. Our goal is to guide small businesses and huge corporations on the way to digitalization and innovation. Refer to us, and we’ll gather a dedicated development team or pick a lacking IT specialist to empower your in-house team!