There’s always a possibility of injuries at the workplace, especially at construction sites and heavy machinery factories. The Bureau of Labor Statistics (BLS) stated that the city of Los Angeles suffered from more than 100 fatal injuries at construction in 2013, which was the highest in the nation. 

As the number of workplace injuries in LA is rising, hiring a Los Angeles Personal Injury Attorney to represent you makes more sense. If you are clueless about the whole process, here are five effective tips for dealing with accidents at the workplace.

1. Record and Preserve the Evidence

Evidence plays a crucial role in legal proceedings. It’s essential to preserve any pieces of evidence of your injuries, such as pictures or parts of things that cause the injury. The proof will help you to make your case stronger and credible. 

2. Alcohol or Drug-Related Injuries Will Not Be Covered

Workers’ compensation rules may not cover an employee’s injuries in specific conditions. For instance, if an employee is intoxicated or under the influence of illegal drugs at the time of the occurrence, their injuries will not be compensated. As a result, several firms have policies mandating that employees involved in workplace accidents submit to drug tests. Injuries that occur during a person’s travel or workplace fights or horseplay are usually not covered.

3. File an Incident Report

Many states like Los Angeles have extremely tight deadlines for reporting an accident to be covered by workers’ compensation legislation. As a result, you should report any work-related mishap, whether or not you believe you’ve been wounded.

Even if you are not harmed in the accident, your report may prompt your employer to implement new safety measures to ensure that an injury does not repeat in the future. Completing an incident report right away protects you if you don’t observe any symptoms for weeks or even months after the accident.

4. Get Medical Assistance

Following a workplace injury, you should get medical assistance as soon as possible. Go to the emergency room if the damage requires medical concern. Whether you aren’t gravely hurt, you should inquire with your employer about if they need you to see a specific doctor or if you have a choice.

If your employer selects the doctor and you are dissatisfied with your appointment results, you may want to consider seeing a different doctor. Under workers’ compensation regulations, you may be entitled to a second opinion. Even if workers’ compensation would not cover the cost of a new doctor, it may be worthwhile for you to pay for it yourself.

5. Hire a Personal Injury Attorney

It’s always better to hire a personal injury attorney to represent you regarding workplace injuries. Many employees are pressured by their employers to withdraw their case or not pursue the legal charges altogether. 

Many times the employers only think about their reputation and settlement amount. In such a case, the employee needs to have strong legal representation. It will ensure the victim gets the best compensation they deserve.

While working for any company, it’s important to remember that your well-being should be your highest priority. You cannot risk your own life for the sake of your job. Make sure you hire the best legal professional in Los Angeles to guide you through the process and get you a fair settlement.