A printer is an essential device for scanning, photocopying, or even printing documents of high quality. It makes it easier for people to read and file documents, specifically those who prefer reading on paper rather than in pdf or online. 

This tool has been a must-have for various reasons. One of the reasons is that if you have a printed copy of your document, it would be easier to add some comments or edit your paper. All you have to do is get a pen and start marking some areas in your printed output. 

Without a printer, everything will be on a digital platform, which doesn’t seem to work for everyone. Thus, if you own one, you must know how to take care of it as it could also be expensive to keep on replacing or getting your device up for repair. If not, here are a few must-know maintenance tips that might help you maintain your printer to ensure it will last you long. 

When Not In Use, Turn It Off 

Some people tend to leave their printers turned on once they have their documents printed or scanned. But, little did they know that this could harm their printer devices. If you’re planning to leave your printer for a long time after using it, don’t. 

Leaving your printer unattended could leave the cartridge inside to dry up quickly. Once the ink dries up, you must clean it properly to remove the dried ink crusts left, or it could cause more damage. Also, turning it off could help save you electricity and decrease your energy bill. 

But, if you can’t remove the dried ink crusts in your device, it’s best to ask for professional help. For example, in Australia, many printer repair experts offer affordable repairs, supplies, and even replacement rates, like the Australian Printer Services Pty Ltd. They have qualified and experienced technicians who could help restore your printers to their best condition. 

Always Read The Manual 

Once you purchase a brand new printer, one of the things you’ll see inside the box is its manual guide. In this sense, don’t neglect it. Read through it and understand it. A device’s manual is key to understanding your printer’s operation and what to do when something goes wrong. 

Additionally, the manual provides you with tips on the dos and don’ts to help ensure the longevity of your device. Without it, you might be unable to use your printer accordingly and have difficulty identifying how to make it work. 

Keep It Clean 

Nowadays, people are more into sending out electronic documents via email or on any platform online. With this, people tend to leave their printers on their shelves or tables. In this sense, printers could be full of dust, damaging their parts. 

When dust gets accumulated inside a printer or even outside, it could lead to paper jams and inappropriate printing. Also, in some printers, dust could even be found in the small areas of your printer, so make sure you check on those places and clean them too. So, it would always be best to wipe your printers regularly to ensure that there would be no dust accumulating. 

An excellent way to clean your printer is by vacuuming it with a small device, or it could be as simple as wiping it with a soft and clean cloth. You could also use mild alcohol to help sanitize your device. Although putting a cover on your printer when not in use is not required, you could also do that to keep the dust off it. 

Buy The Right Ink 

Not all printers have the same ink. Various printers require various types of ink, also available in the market. Thus, before you head to a store to buy a refill, know which ink type is compatible with your printer. 

Take note that a laser printer could be the best option for you if you need a printer that could withstand a high volume of printing needs, especially those used for business purposes. Furthermore, don’t just buy any ink as it may not produce a good print. Thus, other than finding the suitable ink for your printer, consider checking if it’s good quality. 

Avoid Using Damaged Papers 

Whether the paper you plan on using is bent, torn, or crumpled, it’s not beneficial to use them as they may cause a paper jam. Paper jams usually occur if you fail to insert your paper correctly in a printer or your device has a damaged roller. 

Although it may seem like a small problem, when it always occurs, it could cause huge damage. Paper jams may be stuck, and it would be hard to remove them without causing any risk or damage to your printer. Just to be safe, always use paper that is not damaged in any form and only use the standard size of paper unless your printer can support other paper sizes. 

Final Thoughts 

If you don’t know how to take care of something properly, such as your printer, you can’t expect it to last longer and remain in its best condition. Thus, instead of having to face replacing your device’s parts, prevent any damage from occurring by following the tips mentioned above. While you can prevent damages from happening, do your best as it will also help you save lots of money.