A refrigerator will typically last about 10-15 years.

If your fridge is getting past its prime, it may be time for an upgrade, and that upgrade could be a big one. Over the years, we’ve seen smart devices popping up all over the place, and smart fridges are quickly becoming more popular in kitchens all over the world. If you like to have the most advanced kitchen appliances available, then you may want to purchase one.

In this guide, we’ll go over five reasons you should invest in a smart fridge. Keep reading for more.

1. Make Your Home More Energy Efficient

One key advantage of buying any new fridge is that it will likely be more energy efficient than your old one. With a smart refrigerator, you can take your energy efficiency to the next level.

They can use smart technology to continuously maintain the highest level of efficiency possible. This is because they can monitor themselves to detect any internal issues. Your smart fridge can automatically adjust its temperature, and this will help you save energy.

Some even have a feature that allows you to make manual adjustments. You could set it to run at a lower energy level during the day, for example. This will make it more efficient when no one is home.

There are plenty of different options available. You can see a range of models at Express Appliance in Twin Falls.

2. Save Money on Groceries

It’s good to be organized, but it’s not always easy. Even if you typically make shopping lists, things can easily get forgotten. You might see cheese at the store, for example, and then start wondering if you have any at home.

A smart fridge can track what’s in it. You can then check from the store using your smartphone to ensure you never forget to buy anything. This can help you save money and reduce the amount of food you waste.

3. Remotely Monitor and Control Your Fridge

There are all kinds of features that you can control with a smart fridge. You can program it to read a recipe out to you as you’re preparing it, making cooking meals far easier. Many models have touchscreens and speakers, and you can even connect your phone to control it remotely.

You can also create separate profiles for each family member. The fridge can then notify each person when something they like is running low. Some even have smart whiteboards on the front, so you can leave messages for the rest of your family.

4. Use Voice Controls

Like many other smart appliances, smart fridges have voice control features. With some, you can open the door just by asking it which is great if your hands are full. You can also ask it what’s inside, so you don’t need to check.

Many smart fridges can even offer features that you may not expect. You can create to-do lists and get them to read them back to you at a later date. It can also give up updates on the weather and news, and you can command some to play music.

5. Track Expiration Dates

Food waste has become a major issue, and it’s something most people try to avoid. Despite our best efforts, it still happens.

Smart fridges make use of image recognition technology and can read expiry dates, as well as other aspects like barcodes, weights, quantity, and more. Your fridge can send you information about food that’s close to expiring, so you can avoid waste.

Finding the Right Smart Fridge

A smart fridge is a great investment, and there are a lot of choices available. You should look at the different options and compare them alongside your wants and needs (as well as the prices) to determine the best model for your home.

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