Weighbridges are essential to ensuring that transport vehicles are carrying the proper cargo load. Have you ever seen trucks on the road carrying cars or wood logs? 

Well, in order to ensure that the truck driver and other passengers are safe, the vehicles must be weighed. If the load is too heavy, it could lead to a dangerous situation. 

While you may have heard of standard weighbridges, have you ever heard of a mobile weighbridge? If not, we’ll explain what it is and how it makes weighing and transporting cargo easier.

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What Is a Mobile Weighbridge?

A standard weighbridge is used to weigh road vehicles and their additional loads. The entire vehicle is calculated by the weight of the automobile while it’s loaded and empty.

Mobile weighbridges are much like the regular version. However, they are versatile and can be transported from one area to another. They are primarily used to weigh large automobiles, like trucks and trailers that carry heavy cargo.

Why Should You Use a Mobile Weighbridge?

Overtime, mobile weighbridges have become more technologically advanced, which allows them to be more efficient and accurate. Their new and improved features make weighing much easier. Here’s why you should try a mobile weighbridge:

1. Made With Durable Materials

One of the best aspects of mobile weighbridges is that they are built to last. The scales are made with various materials like stainless steel, aluminum, iron, and more. 

These metals are some of the best materials to use. For instance, steel is one of the strongest metals ever, and it has the strength to withstand harsh and heavy conditions.

2. Better Design Options

When it comes to mobile weighbridges, there are two basic types—portable axle truck scale and wheel weighing truck scale. Each of them offers different benefits to the user that’s performing the weighing process. 

An axle weighbridge allows weighing inputs in rugged environments that require a heavy-duty scale. 

On the contrary, a wheel weighing truck scale helps to calculate and manage the weight load with better versatility compared to the axle bridge.

3. In-Motion Weighing Capabilities

A mobile weighbridge helps to capture important information while the truck is moving. It uses the sensors within a dynamic measuring system to keep up with the load. The data is then transferred to the intended party.

4. Better Versatility 

Mobile weighbridges have more versatility than other weighbridges. Not only are they lightweight, but they take up less space than regular weighbridges. Plus, they are strong and durable enough to weigh a whole truckload.

5. Improved Accuracy

With the advancements of engineering upgrades, mobile weighbridge accuracy improves day by day. Mobile scales are easy to maintain and offer high vulnerability. You can’t go wrong with weighing with these scales.

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Advantages of Using a Weighbridge Service Provider

If you have a transporting business, it’s a good idea to get into a service contract with a weighbridge manufacturer. Here are some of the benefits of doing so:

Services for Specific Business Needs

As a transport company, you have different needs. Whenever you use a scale service provider, they can help you achieve all of your business goals. Most of them will customize their services around your schedule, so your business continues to operate smoothly.

Expert Help and Advice

Routine calibration of the weighbridge is essential because it guarantees a certified weight. By using a weighbridge provider, you’ll get a staff of trained technicians to properly calibrate the scale with precision. They also provide preventative maintenance to help prolong the life of your weighbridge scale.

Accurate Measurement

Any weighbridge can get out of calibration for numerous reasons. It’s either due to bad weather conditions, wear and tear, load cell failure, a hazardous environment, etc.

However, a service provider helps to shield the scales so when you weigh your equipment, the weight is accurate.

By implementing these tactics, it can help you bypass many service-related issues that come from wrong weight measurements.

Professional Advice

A weighbridge attendant has the training and qualification to make sure that everything is in compliance. You can lean on their knowledge and expertise to maintain your weighing equipment. They’ll also improve its functionality and overall performance. 

Weighbridge providers offer the advice you need to get the most out of your weighbridge and provide solutions for any issues you may have with the scale. 

Plus, they know when you may need to upgrade or replace your equipment.

Emergency Support and Services

Another perk of using a weighbridge service provider is that they provide efficient and fast services during every job. They handle everything from installation to calibration and replacement. If you ever need emergency dispatch or emergency maintenance repairs, they’ll have a weighbridge attendant available to help.

Take Advantage of Using a Mobile Weighbridge

As you can see, using a mobile weighbridge is a game-changer. Not only is it durable and efficient, but it makes transporting a lot easier. If you’ve been using standard weighbridges, it’s time to make the switch. 

As a transport business owner, your goal should always be to make operations run smoothly and efficiently. One of the best ways to do that is by implementing a mobile weighbridge into your business model.

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