Did you know that gardening is good for your health and your brain? People that regularly garden have a 36% lower risk of dementia. 

Gardening is a much-loved pastime, and enjoying your personal outdoor oasis is one benefit of being a homeowner. However, you need a solution to enjoy your garden after the sun goes down. 

Garden solar lights provide a beautiful glow and illuminate pathways, plants, water features, and the best parts of your yard. Here are five tips for installing them for maximum effect. 

1. Layer Your Lights

The key to beautiful exterior lighting is to layer your lights. 

Stair lighting illuminates your porch or deck steps leading down to the garden. Uplighting highlights features in your garden, such as trees or statues. Decorative stake lights go well in between flowers and plants in the garden. 

Mix up the types of solar lights you use for the best effect. 

2. Consider Placement

Placement is one of the trickiest aspects of installing garden solar lights. How do you know you’re setting them in a location where they’ll be useful? 

You don’t want your solar lighting to get in the way, but you also want them to provide adequate light at night. 

Place walkway lights, such as solar stakes, near the path. You’ll want to be able to see where you’re walking, but you don’t want the lights so far out they interfere with mowing. 

Make sure you consider lawn maintenance and put them in locations where you won’t knock them over or damage them. Bury cables or use a plastic protector. 

3. Find the Sunniest Location

Check your backyard at different times during the day to determine which spots are the sunniest. Solar lights need around eight hours of sunlight to function best. 

Keep an eye out for large trees, as the area might be too shady for solar lights to function properly. 

Landscaping lighting is an art, and you may need to move your lights around to get the intended effect. 

If you want to go the extra mile and use solar to power your whole house, including your outdoor lights, you can install solar panels. Utilizing the free power of the sun is a greener option, and it can power everything from your interior lights to your porch and garage lights and more. 

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4. Use Different Types of Lights

You have a lot of options when it comes to outdoor lighting, from stake lights to hanging lanterns and more. 

If you have climbing plants in the garden, you can use trellis lighting. Hanging lanterns are perfect for low branches in the yard, and they create a romantic atmosphere at night. Place some outdoor furniture underneath for the perfect summer oasis. 

Place solar lights over archways and on fences in the garden. These outdoor lighting ideas are simple to implement and really enhance the look of your backyard. 

5. Clean and Charge Them Before Installation

When you first get your solar lights, you should take a few minutes to clean and charge them. A dirty solar panel can’t capture as much sun, making it less effective. 

Use a gentle soap, water, and a soft cloth to wash your lights and solar panel. This is more than enough to remove any dirt, dust, or other debris. 

It’s a good idea to regularly clean your lights after the installation as well. Once a season or every three months is a good start. 

You’ll want to charge your lights prior to placing them on the ground. Charging them for around 8-14 hours should be enough. 

Installing Garden Solar Lights 

If you’re interested in installing garden solar lights, be sure to follow these tips for the best results. Soon you’ll light up your garden, and you’ll be able to enjoy it all day and night. 

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