In our life, we already have many problems and some of them are quite common. For example, we all face bugs and insects related issues in our households. We take several actions to make house bug-free, but they again re-appear out of nowhere. So, the main point in a nutshell is, we all want our house bug and pest-free, but often get confused about how to do it.

If pests and insects are making your living miserable, you can try these below-mentioned 5 effective tricks to get rid of pests and insects and make your house bug-free.

i) Do not keep stagnant water in the bathroom or kitchen:

Stagnant water is the perfect breeding environment for household pests like mosquitoes and flies. So, never water stagnant in your kitchen or bathroom. Time to time check your inside and outside drainage system to make sure that water passes thoroughly through it. Most of us have a common habit to store water in the bucket so that we can use them in case of any urgency. And this habit often fuels pest-breeding. Try to avoid keeping water in buckets and if it is really necessary, then cover it properly and try to empty the bucket within one or two days. We also often use buckets to collect excess water from air-conditioners. Instead of this, set a pipe and let the excess water out of your house.

ii) Clear the garbage clutter regularly:

Along with stagnant water, garbage is another favorite place for pests and insects where they breed freely. Ideally, you should dispose of garbages on a daily basis to keep your house clean. When garbages are stored for more than one or two days, it can cause rat or cockroach infestation. So, if you have a habit to keep garbage for two or three days, then change it immediately and start clearing your dustbin every day.

iii) Keep your kitchen and bathroom clean:

We all know that bugs and insects love dirty and uncleaned places. The bathroom and kitchen are two areas that have a chance of getting messy and dirty. To eliminate bug-infection, clean the kitchen counter, drawers, floor, racks with a disinfectant cleaner. Do not keep cut foods and vegetables in the open air. The same rule follows for the bathroom as well. Clean the daily pot with toilet cleaner and make sure the floor remains wet when not in use.

iv) Use Neem or Peppermint oil:

Peppermint oil serves two purposes. Along with leaving a wonderful essence, it also repels bugs like ants spiders, flies, etc. Neem oil can also kill more than 200 species of insects. Add 10-15 drops of peppermint or neem oil with 10 oz of water and shake it well before spraying all over the kitchen and bathroom including doorways, vents, and those tiny corners where bugs stay most.

v) Call a pest control service:

Last but not the least, if bugs and insects are becoming a real headache, then you should contact a professional pest control service like pest control Southborough MA to make your house total bug-free. The professionals of a pest control service are well trained in pest control. In addition, they also use safe and verified chemicals to kills bugs. So, you do not have to worry about chemicals.

Final thoughts:

The above-mentioned tricks are very easy to do. You just need to make it a habit to keep your house clean as much as possible. Still, if you think you need further assistance, you can always call a pest control service to make your house insect-free.