People have varying preferences when it comes to wine. Either they love or hate a particular wine and nothing in between. Among the most famous wines would probably be Moscato. It’s a popular choice for those who have a thing for unique flavors and aromas.

Moscato is the Italian name of Muscat—a variety or family of grapes that are usually grown in a humid climate. The grapes feature a musky scent and colors ranging from black to red, white, pink, or yellow.

Moscato Styles To Choose From

Moscato comes in different wine styles and forms. Before deciding to indulge yourself in a bottle of Moscato wine, it’s best to familiarize yourself with the different options that you have. That way, you’ll know which one is most likely to captivate your palate.

Moscato wines are available in these styles:

  • Sparkling Moscato: If you’re a wine lover, you surely have come across this Moscato style. It’s popular among the ladies because of its sweet and bubbly flavor. Sparkling Moscato is low in alcohol, making it easy to drink and enjoy. 
  • Still White Moscato: This Moscato style is often made from Muscat Blanc, a variety of white grapes that is characterized by its tight clusters and small berry size. Still white Moscato has an alcohol level of 12% and is a bit hard to come by. If you ever find a bottle or two at your local winery, grab and try them.
  • Sweet Moscato: Also called the dessert Moscato, this Moscato style is perfect for those who are into sweet and playful flavors. 

If you want to find out more about Moscato wine, you can check this page where you’ll learn how this wine is made, among other fascinating tidbits about it.

Why You’ll Love Moscato Wine

Moscato wine is very easy to love, and there are several great reasons to try it. It’s been around for hundreds of years, and it continues to be a popular wine choice whenever there’s a family gathering, celebration, or any special occasion.

To convince you further, here are some of the great reasons to try Moscato wine:

1. Best Paired With Meat

Wines can be enjoyed in different ways, but for most people, ‘wine and dine’ is the best way to go. Moscato wine can be easily paired and enjoyed with different kinds of meat because of its versatile flavor. This wine can basically go with anything as it can delicately handle any kind of food due to its low alcohol content.

Moscato is best paired with turkey, pork tenderloin, chicken, and duck. For fish and seafood pairings, go for shrimps, lobsters, crabs, cod, and light flaky fish. Cured meat with high salt content paired with Moscato is also a good combination as the sweetness of the wine particularly balances the saltiness of the meat.

2. Perfect For Different Occasions

Special occasions and events are best celebrated with a variety of drinks, including wines. Moscato wine is perfect for toasting and celebrating whenever you’re spending special moments with family and friends. 

Be it a romantic dinner at home, a marriage proposal, or perhaps a virtual birthday party for a colleague, grab a few bottles of Moscato wine to make the celebration even more fun and memorable. Both men and women guests can surely love the sweet and bubbly flavor of Moscato, and they’ll be glad to have attended your event.

3. Low Alcohol Content

Moscato wines are famous for their chill vibe because they have moderately low alcohol content. Well, wines are usually enjoyed pleasurably and not to get drunk, so it’s perfect for when you just got off from work, and you want to chill and destress.

Maybe you’re the type of person who likes a few glasses of wine while watching movies or binge-watching TV series. You don’t have to worry about getting hungover the following morning because Moscato wines usually don’t give that aftereffect, except of course if you’ll drink more than a bottle all by yourself.

4. Perfect For Cheese Platters And Charcuterie Boards

You may have seen this latest trend of people serving cheese platters and charcuterie boards at their events or gatherings. These boards and platters are an impressive way to serve appetizers and snacks for guests. Most of the time, they’re best served with bottles of wine.

There’s no need for a special occasion in case you’re in the mood for cheese, fruit, dips, and some crackers. It’s a great idea to store a few bottles of Moscato wine in your cellar so that you can easily grab one when you’re feeling cheesy.

Throw in some firm cheeses like cow’s milk cheese, cheddar, or smoked gouda. You can also add a block of blue cheese and brie cheese spread for variety. As cheese platters can also be served with fresh fruit and vegetables, you’ll be happy to know that your Moscato wine also pairs well with fresh produce like grapes, strawberries, cherries, dates, and figs.

5. Pasta-Friendly

Love pasta? A glass of Moscato wine will bring out the delicious flavor of your favorite pasta dish whether tomato-based or in creamy white sauce. If you like anything spicy, try pairing Moscato with spicy pasta dishes like puttanesca or Aglio olio. Moscato is well-known to handle spicy food with grace because of its high level of sweetness.

Cheese-based pasta dishes also go well with Moscato wine. You can easily enjoy your spaghetti carbonara for dinner while leisurely sipping on your sweet Moscato.

6. Enjoyable As It Is

Enough with those pairings and combinations—try enjoying Moscato wine as it is. Perfectly chilled wine is always a good treat, especially if you want to savor some alone time at home. Even without meat, cheese, pasta, or fruit, Moscato can be a revelry on its own. 

For The Best Of Times

Indeed, there are more than enough reasons to try Moscato wine. You can easily pair and enjoy it with different kinds of food, on different occasions, at almost any time of the day. Once you’ve tried it, you surely would be craving for its sweet and bubbly taste. 

Because of its low alcohol content, it’s enough to give you that lightheaded mood that you’ll appreciate whenever you’re up for some celebratory gatherings or just because.