Are you considering making a career change to a more financially rewarding profession? Do you want to earn money as you study, stay in good physical shape and become your own boss? To learn seven reasons why pursuing a plumbing career is the best choice for you, check out this simple guide!

1. Little to No Student Loan Debt

One major advantage of choosing a trade education is the opportunity to earn as you learn. The average cost of a normal college education can be tens of thousands of dollars for a two or four-year degree. By choosing a career in plumbing, you can attend a vocational school or community college and get a paid apprenticeship, which lets you make money while still in school.

Studying for a plumbing career effectively lets you pay for your education while setting yourself up for success. Many trade schools also have links to local businesses and companies looking to hire their students, so you may also have a full-time job waiting for you after graduation.

2. A Plumbing Career Is a Stable Career

Along with grocery stores and funeral homes, plumbing is a service that everyone needs and will always have a high demand. If jobs in residential plumbing happen to dry up, you can switch over to industrial plumbing and keep making money.

Plumbers do far more than create new installations and assist with home construction. A decent portion of the job involves maintenance and repair of existing plumbing systems, which are bread and butter jobs for many plumbers.

According to the Occupation Outlook Handbook, the job growth for the plumbing industry is expected to grow at almost double the national average. There is also a current shortage of skilled tradespeople in the United States, which means there is a demand that is currently far greater than supply.

3. Freedom to Travel and Ply Your Trade

One of the major advantages of being a plumber is that your services will be in demand almost anywhere you go. If you happen to like traveling and seeing the country, becoming a journeyman plumber will let you do that. Some plumbing jobs will even let you travel the world and allow you to practice your craft overseas.

4. Financial Success and Chances for Advancement

As with most trade professionals, everyone starts as an apprentice and gets paid accordingly. However, once you manage to progress from apprentice to journeyman, you will see a massive increase in the wages you can command.

On average, a journeyman plumber makes over $40,000 per year, which is a very respectable salary. If you happen to make it to the rank of Master Plumber, your annual income could exceed $100,000 per year.

There are also a great variety of ways to make money as a plumber, whether as part of a construction crew, working for a large company or even starting your own plumbing business. A skilled plumber can always find work and you can only be replaced by a similarly skilled person, which helps reduce the possibility of being outsourced.

5. Job Security and Personal Satisfaction

One major advantage of a plumbing career is the sense of accomplishment that the job can provide. Since their creation in ancient Rome, plumbers have prided themselves on making life better for their entire community. By providing clean water for bathing, drinking, and cooking, it is not a stretch to say that plumbers are literal lifesavers.

By making sure that sewage and wastewater end up where they need to go, plumbers help prevent mass outbreaks of sickness and even death. By maintaining both local and national infrastructures, a plumber can and should take pride in preventing the spread of disease and keeping everything running. Plumbing is a noble profession with a rich historical tradition and is very relevant in our modern lives.

Plumbers don’t simply fix pipes and unclog toilets, they help people in need and make their day go much better. Any homeowner would much rather have a problem fixed at once then let it go unrepaired and cost thousands of dollars. Many property owners and managers attempt to fix plumbing issues and end up calling in the professionals and are often very grateful for their assistance.

6. Personal and Professional Benefits, Many Opportunities to Network

Working as a plumber offers you many ways to keep yourself in good shape, both physically and mentally. By keeping your financial transactions in good order and developing solutions to complex issues, you help keep your brain sharp and ready for action. Plumbing is also a very demanding job that can take place in unforgiving settings, which offers you opportunities to stay in shape and be active.

Another great part of being a plumber is the many chances for you to network and make connections with others in the industry. Part of being a journeyman plumber is getting to travel to different places to meet and work with other plumbers, which can help you out in times of low employment.

For example, you might find that you are not getting as many residential jobs as you used to. If you’ve made the right contacts, you can call up your colleague in industrial plumbing to see if he knows someone who is hiring. By marketing yourself and getting your name out there, you can help make sure that you stay employed in most circumstances.

7. Opportunities for Independence and Social Interaction

Once you reach the rank of a master plumber, you can always consider starting your own plumbing business. Doing so will allow you to choose the jobs you want and allows you to maintain a flexible schedule, which is great if you have a family.
A plumbing career also offers you the chance to meet people from all walks of life, as everyone deals with local plumbing contractors. If you can solve a client’s issues with speed and friendly attitude, you will see your business opportunities increase.

Choose a Plumbing Career for Success and Satisfaction

If you choose plumbing as a profession, you are setting yourself up to learn a valuable set of skills and enter a profession that continues to offer many opportunities. To learn more about choosing a plumbing career, check out Act Witty today!