In a recent poll conducted by pollster “Harris”, only 33% of Americans that were surveyed said that they were happy. That’s an astonishingly low number considering that those people are living in the wealthiest country on the planet which is also enjoying record-low unemployment.

So then, why do so many people, despite their relative privilege, feel sad?

A huge contributor to this problem is the feeling of coming up short on one’s potential. A sense of being stuck in an imperfect situation with nowhere to go.

Analyzing those feelings and coming up with actionable ways to break out of the chains that they impose is why thousands are turning towards hiring a performance coach.

If you’re interested in hiring a performance coach, it’s important that you know these 7 things before you do.

1. Know What a Performance Coach Is

A lot of people hear that CEO’s and other successful people hire performance coaches, then think to themselves, “I want one of those!” Many of those people exclaim that before even knowing what a performance coach is.

To clear the air, a performance coach is somebody that helps you to bring out the best in yourself. They do this by exploring a variety of facets that make or break lives.

Are you not performing as well as you could at work? Is your business in a slump? Are your relationships failing? Can you not stop grieving?

Whatever your issue is, your performance coach is all about helping you find ways to understand the hurdles you’re facing and will help you create a plan to get over them. They’ll also hold you accountable to ensure that you follow through on commitments that you’re making to yourself.

2. Know That the System Only Works If You Do

There is no performance coach on this planet that can help you if you don’t want to help yourself. That is why so many people that are gifted performance coaches by loved ones don’t see results.

The first step to becoming successful in your life is to want to be successful. Performance coaches take that want and give it the direction that it needs to produce results.

Without a want, a performance coach has no foundation to build on.

3. Know That You Get What You Pay For

A lot of people think that they’re great at giving advice. Because of that, a handful of them feel that they can profit off of their god-given ability by getting paid to tell people what to do.

Look no further than your pushy mother-in-law or helicopter dad to understand that just because people think that they have the answers doesn’t mean that they actually do.

Pursuant to that fact, be wary when hiring a low-cost performance coach that makes big promises. A lot of these people are fly-by-night professionals that don’t understand a thing about motivating people or steering clients down the right path.

Bottom line: If you want results, be willing to find a qualified coach that may cost a little bit more.

4. Know That You Should Feel Uncomfortable

Nobody likes to feel uncomfortable. By definition, being uncomfortable means not feeling good.

If you want to see results from a performance coach though, you’ll want to bring one on that will make you take hard to look at assessments of yourself. You’ll also want one that makes you complete hard to take actions in order to break through your life’s barriers.

5. Know That Specialized Help Might Still Be Required

Many performance coaches are experts when it comes to human psychology. No matter what your problem is, they have a good chance of helping you unpack and solve them.

Despite a great performance coach’s ability to tackle a wide array of issues, sometimes, you may need a specialist to deal with a problem that you’re facing.

For example, if you deal with chronic depression, a performance coach may be helpful but a clinical physiologist might be required to ensure that you’re getting the best possible care.

6. Know That There are Digital Options

Live in a rural town that performance coaches don’t operate out of? That’s not a problem in today’s digital age.

Many performance coaches offer their services online. They’ll touch base with you regularly via text, video chat, and phone calls. They’ll also send you digital plans of attack to tackle whatever it is that you’re looking to accomplish in your life.

7. Know That Results Can Be Astounding

All of those people that you’ve ever looked up to and said, “Wow, I’d like to be them…”, those people started off just like you.

They were just normal people that had a desire to be their best selves.

If you invest in performance coaching and really work the product, you’re going to see staggering results. That should both scare and excite you because those are the feelings that positive change almost always brings about.

Wrapping Up Things You Should Know About Hiring a Performance Coach

There is a lot to know about hiring a performance coach that you should consider before signing one on. We hope that after reading our write-up, you have a better understanding of what to expect and are excited to take a huge leap towards the life that you’re meant to be living.

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