Have you decided that a bathroom remodel is the next project for your home? This is a brilliant decision from many angles. Having a new bathroom can increase comfort and convenience. At the same time, it can increase the market value of your property. 

What’s more, remodeling your bathroom means that you get to choose new features. While you probably have to work within a budget, you can make some defining changes according to what’s trending in your city’s market. For example, homeowners in Californian cities like Fresno, Clovis, and Sanger are currently exploring the following bathroom trends:

  • Light shades to beat the dry, hot weather in California
  • Avant-garde design for a more relaxed vibe
  • Green options like water-efficient fixtures for conserving water in a drought-ridden city like Fresno, CA 
  • Humidity control
  • Natural elements like plants or wood accents
  • Cooling features like ceiling fans to make the space bearable during hot weather
  • Tubs over showers since the former can help residents in California conserve water.

Fresno, CA, is known for its hot, arid, and dry summer months. The autumn and spring months have a delightful balance, with the mild winters rarely producing snow. In this climate, your hygiene matters a lot. When remodeling your bathroom and considering certain features, consider getting a tub rather than a shower. You can find reliable Fresno tub replacement experts by searching online or asking friends to change a shower to a bathtub, and here’s why: 

1. Tubs provide better stress relief

A shower is relaxing, with water continuously pouring down and washing away the day’s fatigue. However, it doesn’t compare to the relaxing experience a bath gives you. The warm water will soothe your muscles, alleviating the tension and stress of everyday life as you submerge yourself in it for a few minutes. You can also add essential oils, bath salts, bath bombs, and other substances that can promote relaxation, skincare and perhaps help with aromatherapy. It’s also possible to create a whole atmosphere of relaxation with candles, music, a book, and so on

2. Tubs give you personal time

A tub provides a peaceful and private space that might not be available anywhere else in your home. You may want other family memes to stay away until your bath ends or pick a time when they’re not home. While sitting in a bath, you have time for self-reflection, meditation, or simply enjoying being submerged in water. You can disconnect and focus on yourself for a change for a few blissful moments. 

3. Tubs are a better choice if you have sensitive skin

Those with sensitive skin may need a lot of care when washing their body. A shower’s pressure might be too harsh on your skin, with a bath being much gentler in comparison. It’s simple logic; a bath allows you to soak in the arm water and any skincare products you want to add. The pressure from a shower can lead to more skin irritation and trigger other issues, so the bath option is better. 

4. Bathing in a tub leads to a Better Quality of Sleep

It might seem strange to connect your sleep with your bath or shower. However, showering or bathing are both great for helping you fall asleep at bedtime. Studies also show how a hot bath can help enhance your sleep quality. There might be more than one reason why baths are good for your sleep quality. The relaxation you get from a bath can soothe the body. It will help you fall asleep more easily than before.

5. Rubs provide more room for proper cleaning

Washing yourself is about much more than simply applying soap and washing it off. There are also essential steps like exfoliating, cleansing, targeted cleaning, etc. While some of these are possible in a shower, a bath gives you the time and room to easily perform these steps. You can scrub, deep clean, and generally pamper your body conveniently without worrying about wasting water or slipping. 

6. A way to warm up

With a bath, you can soak in hot water and warm up. A hot bath can be very tempting when the weather is chilly outside. You can also consider some ways to keep the bath water warm while still in there. Several options include a space heater, hot stones, and so on. Close the bathroom door and enjoy the warmth to your heart’s content!

7. A way to entertain kids

If you’re a parent, you might be looking for screen-free ways to entertain the little ones. When you have a bathtub, it is easy to give them a fun time with bath toys, bath products, and just splashing around in the water. They get clean, it’s a bonding activity, and they’ll probably get tired out just in time for bed. Of course, this bath time fun should always happen under the supervision of a responsible adult. 

8. A tub is better for pain relief

Some people might have certain health conditions that cause them a lot of pain. In such cases, a bath is much better than a shower for relief. Research suggests a connection between taking hot baths and lowered blood sugar levels. In some ways, a hot bath might be like exercising while lying down. 


When you’re renovating a bathroom, consider your personal preferences as well as your surroundings. With dry, hot weather dominating most of the year, a logical bathroom design will aim to create the most refreshing space possible. The reasons mentioned above should help you consider a tub over a shower.