You may have enjoyed a lovely meal at your favorite restaurant, but after you spill some of your food and get it on your clothes, the meal isn’t quite as delicious. Don’t panic if this has happened to you: there’s still hope for salvaging these items. But if these stains have been sitting on your clothes for a while, you might have to look into a professional drop-off laundry service.

Here are some benefits of using a drop off laundry service for cleaning food-stained clothes:

Save Money

If you’re worried about the cost of dropping off your clothes at a local laundromat, don’t be! When compared with other cleaning options, drop-off laundry services are much more affordable.

For example, getting your clothes dry cleaned at a local cleaner can cost around $5 per article of clothing—which is less if you have multiple items to be cleaned. However, one garment dropped off can easily contain several food stains or grease spots, so having them cleaned without dropping them off at a laundromat would mean paying for multiple dry cleaning bills.

In contrast, you can drop off your clothes at a nearby laundromat and have them cleaned for around $1 per article of clothing – which means that if you have just one food-stained garment, going with a drop-off service is still your best bet!

Save Time

By dropping off your clothes at a nearby laundromat, you can save time on running to the dry cleaners or having to do laundry yourself. When you drop your garments off at a nearby laundromat, they will have fresh, clean clothes for you in just a few hours.

This means that if you’re headed out of town and realize your clothes require cleaning, you won’t have to stay home and wait for the laundry to be done. With a professional service, you’ll also save time buying washing supplies or finding a place to wash your clothes yourself.

Better Cleaning Equipment

If you drop off clothing at a local dry cleaner, you won’t have to worry about the cleaning equipment used on your clothes. Specialized dry cleaners are designed to clean fabrics—and get rid of food stains, blood, and other marks—without bleaching or harming your clothing in any way. This extends the life of your clothes and lets you wear them again with confidence.

Have Better Sorting

When you wash your clothes at home, it can be difficult to determine which clothing items are safe to put in the dryer. Using a drop-off laundry service gives you peace of mind knowing that all of your clothing is being cleaned thoroughly and efficiently, including any food stains on them.

Then, when you pick up your clothes, you can be sure that all of them will come out of the laundromat looking new.

When you need to get rid of food stains on your clothes, don’t worry. Just drop off your clothing at a nearby laundromat and come back in just a few hours for fresh, clean clothes. This is an affordable option compared with other cleaning options—and it helps keep your clothes looking newer longer.