Oriental and exotic style rugs are becoming a popular centerpiece in Western homes.

You may be wondering where the wonderful Persian carpet is made, and how to snag one on a budget for your living room.

For many years, the Middle East was highly regarded in rug manufacturing. They have since been overtaken by Asian countries and South America.

Continue reading for the top 8 countries that produce high-quality, low cost, decorative rugs.


Iran has been producing specialist rugs for many years. Due to political issues recently, the rug making industry has been on a decline in Iran. The country does still produce extremely high-quality rugs at an affordable cost.

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Unfortunately, Afghanistan’s rugs are mostly shipped to Pakistan for washing and packaging. They are then labeled as ‘Made in Pakistan’. These rugs are of extremely high-quality and are cheap in comparison due to the low labor and production costs.


The rise in China’s industrial climate has seen a shift from hand-made rugs to machine made, mass produced rugs. The time and care put into each hand-made rug is a rarity now in China.


Turkey produces high quality traditional designed rugs. However, the labor cost in Turkey is substantially higher than in other countries mentioned in this article. This means that rugs made in Turkey will be VERY expensive.


Indian is well known for rug making. It produces a high number or 9/9 knot count rugs. It produces a lot of traditional as well as modern designs. 

Indian rugs contain coarse wool. This ensures they are heavy and durable. You’ll get many years, or even a lifetime, out of an Indian rug.


Nepal is famous for its bamboo silk. The rugs made in Nepal are hand knotted. The retails prices are fairly low, due to the quick knotting technique used to make these rugs.

Many Nepalese rugs are often labeled as Tibetan. The wool industry is the main source of income for many roaming nomads who wander from field to field with their flock of sheep or goats.


Pakistan is known for its Peshawar and Bokhara rugs. They are usually of very traditional design and have classic colors throughout. If you want a ‘real feel’ rug from Asia, a rug made in Pakistan should be your first choice.


Many Peruvian rugs are made in bright, vibrant colors such as bright pink, orange, green and purple. These rugs are eye-catching. They are always well made from high quality, strong wool from hardly animals living in the mountains.

A Whole New World: Persian Carpet for Everyone

With so many rugs to choose from, there’s no excuse to have a dull living room.

All of these countries are top producers of high quality, good value Persian carpet. Turkish rugs will cost more due to the higher labor costs. If you’re looking to save money, then grab a rug from one of the other countries.

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