It’s been more than fifteen years since botox injections were first introduced in the world. When it was initially introduced, people were speculating the possibilities of the outcomes that it could produce. People believe that botox is known as a cosmetic treatment for wrinkles. However, there is a lot more than botox injection can do. 

About 40% of the population gets botox San Diego, but the remaining 60% is still in doubt about getting it or not. Many myths surrounded the term botox, but this post will break all your myths about botox. So, scroll down and get the points that will help you in accepting it. 

Five Myths About Botox That Need to Break

i. Botox is Only Meant for Treating Wrinkles

Whenever you ask someone why they got botox, their reply would always be ‘to get rid of wrinkles’. In contrast, the reality about botox is that people in their 20’s widely accept it to relax facial muscles that cause expressions. By injecting botox to the face, the movement of facial muscles is reduced, further stopping the build-up of static lines. Suppose you get botox at an early stage in life; you would require fewer treatments as you age.

ii. Botox is Only for Women

If you compare the stats recorded by the American Society of Plastic Surgery, you’ll come to know that men are more interested in getting Botox injections in comparison to women. Women are blamed for getting botox for achieving radiant and youthful skin. However, the truth is that men are widely influenced. 

iii. People will Recognize That You Got Botox

Most people think that they’ll look weird or unrealistic after getting a botox treatment. However, it is not valid. Some people are allergic to botox and should consult their doctors before getting it injected. But those who have consulted and got their botox from trusted clinics have never felt that their results were not natural. The procedure requires care at least for the initial days, and if you follow all instructions correctly, you will get positive results. 

iv. Botox Procedures are Painful

Another myth that gives people stress before getting a botox is to believe that it is an excruciating process. The needles used for the botox procedure are extremely fine. It feels like someone has punched you, and it barely takes about fifteen to twenty minutes to get done with the process. Your face is prepared first for the procedure, and within a few minutes, it’s done. 

5. You Only Need Botox Once

Botox is a cosmetic procedure that will last for approximately three to five months. Once the results start to wear off, you will need to do it again to get that radiant and youthful skin. You will have to wait for at least twelve months to redo the process. 

There are plenty of other things that you might have read about or seen related to botox. But you should consult cosmetology to understand what exactly Botox is all about. You can talk to your friend if they have gone through the procedure before and ask for references of good clinics to get botox in San Diego.

But remember that you must not take any decision in a hurry. Take some time to research and inquire about the treatment plans of top cosmetic clinics in San Diego. Once you get satisfied and find someone you can trust, you can confidently get the treatment done.