Creativity is a wild process. With ideas flying at you from all directions, it’s difficult to keep track of them. It’s far too easy to forget one or lose another.

But we all have those special ideas hidden in our minds. It’d be a shame to lose one due to our own disorganization.

That’s where brainstorming tools come in handy. These programs are often visual and help boost creativity, all while keeping those unique ideas organized.

Keep reading to learn about the best tools to aid in your creative endeavors!

Google Documents

Google is a name we all recognize and for good reason. Google Documents, in particular, is a great brainstorming tool that you shouldn’t overlook.

It’s free to use and easy to learn, being much like any other word processor. Google Documents lets you access your files from anywhere with an Internet connection.

Inspired to write more in your novel? Load the file from your laptop in a cafe. Or take out your tablet in bed to do a bit of editing.

Plus, it’s perfect to use as a group, as it supports sharing the same file with other people. They’re able to comment or even write within the same file, depending on the access you grant them.

If you’re looking for a simple but effective tool, and one that has easy accessibility, then Google Documents is a great choice.

One of the simplest mindmapping tools available, is great for collaborative work.

Start with one single idea and expand it into subcategories, growing the idea with your peers in a seamless team effort. You choose whether other people have the capability to read it or to edit it.

It’s easy to understand, letting you customize the look of the mindmap with only a click or two. You’re allowed three free mindmaps to work with and there’s a 30-day trial if you want to test the premium edition.

Voice Memos

We aren’t always able to write down our ideas when inspiration strikes. In those moments, Voice Memos comes to the rescue.

This voice recording app exists pre-installed on most iOS devices. It’s a simple task to tap the button and speak your idea aloud in order to keep it safe.

Transcribing afterward is the easiest way to get your recording from audio to text. If you’ve ever wondered ‘what is transcription‘, now is the time to learn. With your audio transcribed to text, organizing those ideas into your mindmap once you’re home is a breeze.


One of Freeplane’s best qualities is its visual customization options. This mindmapping tool doesn’t go for simple squares and lines. Instead, it lets your creativity run free by giving you a lot of colors and shapes to work with.

It brings the mindmapping and brainstorming to life with bright colors on the screen. It gives you the chance to color-coordinate and organize your thoughts in a lot of different ways.

Freeplane gives even more customization to anyone who knows how to write scripts for this Java-based program.


With this program, you’re able to make any kind of chart necessary for your creative process. Whether it’s a mindmap, a flow chart, or even a presentation for work, LucidChart makes it easy.

There are many shapes and colors to work with for ultimate customization. It’s easy to add in images and other graphics into the program to give the charts an extra pop of personality.

The Brain

This computer brainstorming software is perfect for when you prefer to keep all of your project’s information in one place. It acts as a visualization board for all of your notes, ideas, documents, and tasks.

Instead of needing a different program for all of these different pieces, The Brain does it all. It’s the best tool for when you have multiple projects to plan out so that you’re not lost in all the moving parts.

The Brain isn’t a free program, but it does give you a lot of bang for your buck. 

Eyewire Brainstorming Cards

When creativity is at its lowest and mindful meditation isn’t working, it’s time to turn to something else.

Eyewire Brainstorming Cards focus on giving you different ways to tackle a creativity block. They offer interesting tricks and tips to get you thinking about your problem in a different way.

This new perspective gives us the jolt we need to jump back into the fray. Sometimes all it takes is a little spark to get those juices flowing again.


Stormboard is the answer if you’ve ever wanted to have a portable whiteboard to share with your peers. It’s a great way to share ideas and progress with your team. With live updates and capability to share both photos and videos, it’s a great asset to any group project.

It even has a voting function within the program. This makes finding a consensus between everyone quick and simple. 

It’s a great tool for any collaborating team.


Coggle takes the idea of mindmapping and simplifies it in an aesthetic way. With a few colors and soft lines connect different ideas, Coggle gets rid of the typical shapes surrounding those ideas. Instead, it leaves the text to shine for itself.

This puts the full focus back onto the words written instead of the customization aspect. With Coggle’s help, you won’t spend more time making your ideas look pretty. Instead, you’ll spend more time creating and brainstorming.

And with Coggle as the backdrop, it’ll stay organized no matter what you throw at it.

Brainstorming Tools Are Your Creative Best Friends

Whether you’re trying to write a novel or a stunning blog post, creativity sits in the forefront. The best way to give your creativity an extra kick is to allow yourself time to develop and expand upon your ideas.

Brainstorming tools help you every step of the way. Don’t let yourself become lost the sea of too much inspiration.

Instead, use these tools to put that inspiration to good use.

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