60% of an adult human’s body is comprised of water. With that in mind, it makes sense to be mindful of the quality of water you drink, wash your dishes in, and expose your skin too, right?

While we’d agree with that sentiment, millions of people are indifferent when it comes to water.

We hope this post on the benefits of water treatment helps you evolve your mindset from indifference to water to being intentional about it. A water treatment service can provide a medley of goods and services, some for industrial/community-wide solutions and others for in-house betterment.

Below, we break down the benefits of working with treated water in hopes that you might take action in advocating for better water for your city and/or in your home!

1. Less Bottle Usage

If your city isn’t adequately treating water and you’re not self-treating water through whole-home filtration, where are you getting your water from? We hope not from your tap, at least for drinking.

Chances are, you’re likely investing in bottled water, which in small batches may not seem like a big deal. When you think of the bottled water industry in scope though, the numbers are much more harrowing.

Did you know that 22 billion water bottles pop up in landfills in the United States each year? That unsustainable pace of bottles is edging us towards a garbage crisis that we need to take action to stop.

Investing in a water treatment service lets you drink good water from the faucet, cutting bottles out of the equation, and helping the planet.

2. Quick Access to Quality Water

For most people, convenience rules their decision-making process. For example, if there’s a bottle of water available to grab, you’ll likely reach for that before going through the trouble of getting a glass and pouring soda into it.

When you have a water treatment solution in place that’s positively affecting your whole house, every faucet becomes a drinking fountain. That means incredibly convenient water access, which may increase your water intake and improve your health.

3. Less Skin Irritation

Most articles on water treatment are focused on access to clean drinking water. As you know though, drinking isn’t your only touchpoint with water.

As a matter of fact, you bathe in much more water than you consume.

For those of you with sensitive skin conditions, quality water treatment means less skin exposure to things like heavy metals, parasites, fertilizers, and much more. That’s a win for your skin!

4. Water Savings

Have you ever considered that investing in water treatment might actually save you money? It’s true!

Going back to our bottled water conversation, the average person spends about $100 on the water every year. Multiply that by the size of your household and you’re looking at a lot of money.

If the amount you spend on bottled water is more than what you’re paying per year for water treatment solutions, you’ll be profiting each month alongside your health and the environment!

5. Better on Your Home

When a city or company contracts a treatment service like PR Water to clean up its supply, great things happen for homeowners that later receive that water. And we’re not just talking about great things from a health perspective. We’re talking about great things from a home maintenance view!

Since untreated or poorly treated water carries everything from pesticides to trace metals, what do you think those elements flowing through your pipes do to your water infrastructure? Several things, all of which lead to gradual erosion and/or pipe clogging, can lead to costly repairs.

Clean water is easy on homes, which in turn gives your wallet another avenue to save!

6. Better Digestion

Are you one of the 45 million people that deal with symptoms of IBS every year? If you are, have you considered that the water you drink may be catalyzing your irritation?

Again, untreated or poorly treated water houses grisly elements that can have a severe impact on your health. One of the early areas where these impacts manifest themselves is in your digestive tract.

By investing in clean water, you’re investing in cleaner, less painful trips to the restroom, which is a benefit we think is well worth pursuing.

7. Love Your Water More

At the end of the day, the more you fall in love with water, the healthier the life you’re likely to live.

Water is a foundational element of life. Clean, treated water feels better on your body, irritates the inside of your body less, and tastes a lot better.

All of those small advantages might come together to improve your relationship with water, which in turn will increase your exposure to it. We’re confident that after getting closer to water, you’ll wonder why you were ever indifferent to it in the past!

Support a Water Treatment Service and/or Solution in Your Area

Whether you’re advocating for your town to further invest in a water treatment service or you want to take it upon yourself to install a treatment solution in your home, we commend you for celebrating/supporting clean water!

The more awareness and adoption we fight for when it comes to water quality and the water treatment process, the healthier and happier communities can become. We hope you agree with that sentiment and will take action today to improve your water habits.

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