You have a huge meeting with a potential client planned. Your team spends hours on the presentation and you’re ready to make a great impression.

The only thing left is to schedule the meeting. That’s when you run into difficulty. You have a hard time getting the schedules of all stakeholders aligned and it’s hard to find an available conference room to hold everyone.

That’s the moment when you realize you need room scheduling software at your office. Read on to discover the top benefits of having conference room scheduling software and how you can find the right software for your business.

Top Reasons to Have Room Scheduling Software

Anytime you’re having a meeting, scheduling it can be like herding cats. Finding an available room to use can be even worse. Here’s are the big advantages to having software to schedule a conference room.

1. Better Preparation for Meetings

There are about 25 million business meetings every day in the U.S. About 67% of these meetings are unproductive due to various reasons. One of the reasons why is lack of preparation.

When you have scheduling software that books the conference room and manages the confirmation of the attendees, you’re more likely to be prepared and ready to go as will everyone else in attendance.

2. You’ll Come Across as Professional

Impressions are everything in business. You want to make sure that you and your business come across as having it together, especially if you’re in front of potential clients.

If you don’t have a way to book a meeting room, you can find yourself hopping from unavailable room to unavailable room. That is a massive waste of time and makes you look unprepared for the meeting.

3. Information is Easily Accessible

Do you currently manage meeting schedules through Outlook or Gmail calendar? You might have a receptionist manage your conference room schedules by printing out the meeting schedule each morning a taping it to the conference room door.

That means someone has to manage multiple systems and take more steps to book the meeting. Then you have to make sure that the room is actually clear at the time when you need it.

Scheduling software allows you to have one system manage the meeting. You book the room, send out the invites, and that’s it. It’s a simpler solution.

4. Lower Administration Costs

Your business might have so many meetings, you could easily have one person on staff manage all of them. When you have a meeting room app that handles the room booking and attendee invites, you can use your admin’s time and energy to do more important things in your business.

5. You Can Use Your Resources More Efficiently

When you use software to book your conference rooms, you can see how the rooms are being used. You may find that the big conference room is always booked while smaller meeting rooms don’t get used as much.

This allows you to manage your resources effectively. You could opt to turn those smaller meeting rooms into offices or create another larger conference room for people to use.

In either case, you’re putting your organization to effectively manage your square footage and your resources.     

How to Find the Best Room Scheduling Software for Your Business

Once you understand that room scheduling software can make a tremendous difference in your business, you might be wondering how you choose a solution for your business. Here are some things you can look out for when buying a scheduling platform.

Software Only Solution vs. Software and Hardware

Some meeting room software solutions are only software solutions. These solutions tend to be less expensive, and you can use your own devices such as an iPad as signage outside the conference rooms.

Others offer hardware such as digital signage for the conference rooms. This gives you one complete solution, but it can be costly. One other thing to note is that they can be challenging to maintain.

Scheduling Across Devices

Your employees are likely to be busy and always on the go. You want to make it as easy as possible for them to schedule their own meetings without having to be at the office to do so.

There are room scheduling solutions that anyone with access can use from any device. That means that a salesperson at a client’s site can schedule the follow-up meeting at your office without having to worry about a room is available.

They can just access the room availability, schedule a meeting room, and confirm with the client right then and there.

Meeting Analytics

Have you ever been curious to know how much time your staff actually spends in meetings? Would you like to know which rooms are booked and how often?

A good room scheduling software solution will answer those questions for you. There should be some kind of reporting that tells you who’s scheduling meetings, how long they last, and which rooms are most often used.

Make Your Business More Efficient

Every single day, businesses try to make things run more efficiently. Yet, they constantly shoot themselves in the foot because they don’t have the proper solutions to help them.

A perfect example of this is in meetings. You could spend hours trying to perfect a presentation, but at the last minute realize that you don’t have a place to meet. With room scheduling software, you don’t have to worry about it.

You can see what rooms are available when you book your meeting. You can also manage invites and look prepared and professional, all while making the most of your resources.

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