Fraudsters and thieves are using the same technology as ‘contactless’ to steal money from people’s as they pass by them. The way it works is that by using something called near field communication, it can convey data through a short range. In addition, while it is not possible to collect a large amount of data, it still collects enough to cause a significant loss of money. However, as the thief never has to make contact with the victim, this kind of fraud can be undetectable, meaning defense is essential when it comes to protecting against it.

According to the Independent, while there were only 1440 cases in 2017 (still a significant amount), in 2018 it has increased to 2740 cases in England. In addition, the money stolen has risen from over seven thousand pounds to 1.8 million pounds. Unfortunately, their average amount has been around seven hundred pounds. For people who work daily to earn money and make a living, this is a devastating loss. In another case, a card had four hundred thousand pounds stolen from it in this kind of fraud.

People who want to protect against contactless card skimming should look for wallets with RFID options; for example the wallets you’d find here are safe bets. In addition to considering the protection when choosing a wallet, men should also view the shape, size, and material. Styles vary too, with some examples as Billfold, passport, zip-around, card holder, or hard case. In addition, while leather is the traditional material, having them made of machined aluminum guarantees RFID protection. Also, microfiber is a good choice as it is light and flexible, meaning it will not be uncomfortable and bulky in the pockets.

The wallet best suited to a person would be one that can fit everything necessary while not being too thick. It does not necessarily need to have enough room for all gift cards or discount cards. Some of the most popular and reliable brands are Fossil, Alpine Swiss, Tumi, Ezgo, and Guess. Many follow the latest trends to make sure that their wallets have fashion and style in addition to peak functionality.

One type of wallet to possibly consider would be the NapaWalli Genuine Leather Money Clip Wallet that comes with RFID blocking. Not only does it boast four magnets to secure the wallet fully, but it has been tested against various frequencies to make sure it can protect against contactless skimming. However, it does have card slots that may be a little small and tight when trying to insert in several.

One thing is sure: with hundreds of wallets to choose from, it is possible to find one within your price range, desired material, style, and even with as many accessories or protection as needed. After all, besides the minimalist style for slim wallets, everyday carry wallets can be an option as well, especially as it contains many tools to aid in survival.