A corporate video is a powerful and sometimes very underestimated digital marketing tool that allows a brand to demonstrate its importance and build the right communication with the target audience. The purpose of such video content is to create a positive image and not to boost sales, as is the case with commercials.

At the same time, the corporate video doesn’t require Hollywood budgets. You can shoot it on a normal camera or even on a smartphone. The editing process is also quite easy. And the effect is always good if the idea is catchy and the creative approach is inspiring.

In this article, we will tell you how to create a corporate video that customers and partners will want to watch again and again, and competitors will want to target.

What is a corporate video?

A corporate video is an important tool in creating a positive image of the company. With its help, the brand can promote its values and mission, prove that it’s a successful and reliable player on the market.

Such a video format causes much more confidence and trust among the audience. An investor or client can personally see the advantages of the company.

What to shoot as a corporate video? Well, there are a lot of options:

  • History of success. People love success stories – this format creates an emotional connection with the company for the viewer because they become witnesses to its origin.
  • Promo video about the values of the company. Tell the audience what your strength is, what views and values the brand has. It can even turn out to be a good touching short film or a social video that goes viral.
  • “One day with …”. Introduce your team and life behind the scenes. The task is to show a person through the prism of the company. And the company through the eyes of this person. When compiling lists of heroes for this section, don’t forget about remote employees.
  • Funny stories. Everyone loves humor. All employees have such stories related to the company, customers, or other employees. Curious cases, funny mistakes, situations that happened in the office. Gather all the interesting cases and record the employees’ stories on video. And get yourself a great section to post once a week, for example.
  • “Through the eyes of the consumer.” Marketing your brand through the eyes of a client, buyer, or consumer. About how they interact with the company, why they remain loyal. The video can be both staged and live, with real loyal customers.

In fact, there are still a lot of corporate video formats. But the main task of any brand is to shoot it correctly. Therefore, the next block of the article is for those who get into action.

6 tips to make your corporate video awesome

#1. Make your video succinct

As a rule, viewers get tired of digital content already at the 10th second, and not everyone reaches the minute mark. It is very important for the videos to be short, between 30 and 60 seconds, and rich.

#2. Highlight a powerful message at the beginning and end of the video

Since people lose interest pretty quickly, place the most important message right at the beginning of the video and its end. This ensures that if viewers don’t want to watch it to the end, your main message will already be voiced.

#3. Voice a call to action ahead of time and repeat it

The call to action is the most important part of any video. It’s what makes people act. Place your call to action at the beginning of the video in case viewers want to stop watching early, and repeat at least two more times, including ending with the main message and call to action.

#4. Make separate independent videos for social media

While your video can be featured on a landing page, make sure it’s featured on other channels as social media. Since social media is currently one of the main traffic drivers, the video must be very attractive to be watched and shared.

But take care not only about attractiveness but also about technical nuances. Convert the main video to the format of each social network (for example, Twitter doesn’t accept formats like MKV, AVI, TIFF, or BMP, while LinkedIn supports almost all formats). Also, take care of the size because a video of a large size will take a long time to load. To make it optimized without losing quality, you can use the best video compression software.

#5. Plan your wardrobe carefully

First impressions are most lasting. This doesn’t mean that everyone has to wear tuxedos in your corporate video, but your choice of clothing says as much about your message as the location in which you present it.

#6. Don’t think about the quality of the picture, think about the emotions

Well, imagine that you want to make a video that motivates people to work in the company, attracts potential employees, and gives people a sense of team unity. Images of an expensive corporate video with touching music, a soulful male baritone, inscriptions like “openness,” “efficiency,” “teamwork,” “leadership” come to mind.

Well, forget these stamps like a bad dream. All you need now is empathy and emotion. And a smartphone, of course.

Film how you congratulate a colleague on their birthday, how you present a long-awaited dog on behalf of the company. Shoot the best you can. Emotions matter most.

Final thoughts

Well, we’ve presented one of the most powerful tips on making a corporate video. For sure, there are many more of them on the market.

And in the end, we want to say the most important advice: keep trying! Trying to master a new channel of communication is interesting and engaging. And even if this experience turns out to be unsuccessful, the attempt itself can give impetus to new types of activity within the team and reveal the talents of colleagues.

It is not at all necessary to entrust the corporate video production in the hands of professionals, shoot your colleagues, backstage life of the brand yourself, even on a regular smartphone. A trusting relationship is an advantage to use. And if a company in the frame is natural, the audience will listen to it, believe it, and love it.