The growth of the cryptocurrency market has been quite revolutionary. Starting from the early 2000s, cryptocurrency has been really nailing it. But when we talk about cryptocurrency, the first thing that comes to mind is Bitcoin. Cryptocurrency is way beyond Bitcoin.

Understanding Cryptocurrencies: An overview

Cryptocurrencies are digital assets that let you conduct monetary transactions between parties. Considering that there is a high level of tokenization and encryption present in it, it has also revolutionized the accounting system.  Buying any cryptocurrency would require you to exchange your fiat money with the tokens. This is where the role of cryptocurrency exchanges comes into play.

Why is crypto exchange important?

At a cryptocurrency exchange, not only can you transact between your Fiat currency and the cryptocurrency, but you can also transact between different cryptocurrencies too. Globally, there are 500+ crypto exchanges that are operational as of today. Yet Bitvavo is doing really great job in ensuring smooth cryptocurrency transactions at higher volumes. Crypto-exchange Bitvavo is a Netherlands-based exchange handling more than 170+ digital assets, and offering secured trading through their 7+ payment gateways. 

Crypto-exchange Bitvavo: What makes it special?

Some of the coolest features of this crypto-exchange platform are:

  1. A trading fee as low as 0.03% on every trade that you make is really super cheap.
  2. Fully compliant with the national legal trading laws make them highly secure and legal, for every trading transaction
  3. A mobile platform wherein you can carry your crypto coins wherever you go to make transactions seamlessly.
  4. Get a return as high as 10% on your assets when being stacked for a very long time.
  5. Currency conversion from euro to cryptocurrency has never been simpler before. The support of 8 payment gateways makes things super simplified.  
  6. An interface supported by the perfect trading mechanism based on the type of trader. While beginners and advanced traders have a specific set of requirements, it varies for the institutions. 
  7.  You can add different types of orders based on your requirements. They can be market orders, limit orders, and stop limit orders. 
  8. An excellent technical analysis is possible with the technical chart available for every currency.
  9. Cloud storage for the setup of technical analysis charts to enhance your trading accuracy. 
  10. A wide range of solutions and services are available for enterprises to take up the right trade. 

Crypto-exchange Bitvavo is truly an advanced crypto-exchange platform offering the best solutions to the traders. You can track multiple assets at the same time, while you decide to switch over from one to the other. 

Key factors to look into before entering the crypto market

While you trade in the cryptocurrency market, there are certain factors that you must consider. The volatility of the market is quite high, thus you must be pretty cautious about the risk that you can take. Here are certain factors that you must consider before entering the cryptocurrency market:

  1. Understand the volatility of the particular coin that investing into.
  2. Get the hang of the major investors into the crypto coin.
  3. Be quite aware of the risk portfolio that you can take.
  4. Always invest through a highly secure cryptocurrency exchange. The chances of cyber security attacks are very high. You might end up losing your hard-earned money.
  5. Have full cognizance regarding the taxability and tax laws on profits for your earnings from crypto. 
  6. Don’t forget to do your side of the research before investing.
  7. Thorough fundamental analysis is very important when buying crypto coins. Unit bias can be lethal, so avoid having it.
  8. The most important is to select the right cryptocurrency exchange. Crypto-exchange Bitvavo has proven to be highly satisfactory. Create your first crypto exchange account today!