Preparing to welcome a new member of your family to this world is a great feeling. Making sure you have all the equipment you will need once the baby arrives and setting up your home to provide your child with a safe and clean environment are just some of the things you’ll need to take care of.

Aside from those, you also need to ensure that your baby has their own space that’s properly set up to provide comfort and safety but also encourage growth and curiosity. That being said, many new parents often find it difficult to set up a nursery as they are not quite sure which way to go. However, there are certain elements every nursery should consist of. Once you ensure that you have all the essentials in place, the rest of the design will be entirely up to you.

Pick a room

Of course, before you even consider what needs to be done to a room and what type of furniture you need to get, you should first choose a room you want to turn into a nursery. Preferably, you should choose a room that’s nearest to your bedroom, so that you can quickly and easily access it if you need to. Furthermore, keep in mind that your child’s nursery should be bright and airy, which means that a room that gets plenty of natural light is the best choice. Once you’ve determined which room in your home would be the most suited for this role, you can get down to remodeling and redecorating.

Take care of the walls and floors

The first thing you want to do is check the walls and floors in the room of your choice. Make sure that the paint that’s already on the walls doesn’t contain any lead or other volatile organic compounds. If you’re not the first owner of the house and you’re not quite sure what type of paint was used, it would be best to remove the old paint altogether. You will probably be repainting the room either way. The same goes for the floor. If you’re not quite sure that it is not absolutely safe for your baby – do something about it. Alternatively, if the floors are completely safe in this sense, make sure you inspect them thoroughly and fix any irregularities. Sooner than you think, your baby will be crawling all over their nursery and you want to make sure that they stay safe while doing so.

Make sure it’s well-insulated

Furthermore, check the windows and doors of the room to ensure that there is no draft going on. The last thing you want is for your baby to be exposed to such a harmful thing. Aside from that, the sound insulation should be excellent, as your little one will need a quiet place to rest. If the insulation is not quite right, and the room either feels drafty or too loud you don’t have to go tearing the walls down to fix it. Instead, simply replace the windows with a double-glazed alternative and do something about the doors. So, since it’s already time to renovate consider replacing the nursery door as well.

Choose a color scheme

Once all the rough work is done in the room, it’s time to consider the overall color scheme you want to create in it. Apart from the traditional pinks for girls and blues for boys, you can choose to take things in a different direction. For instance, you can go with different shades of greens if you’re expecting a baby boy and violet or yellow if you’re expecting a baby girl. Alternatively, you can choose to implement a completely neutral color palette and create a modern and stylish space for your little one. In this case, focus on more modern, neutral hues, such as light gray, beige, off-white and similar tones.

Get the right furniture

The furniture you choose for the nursery needs to meet some very specific standards. First and foremost, it needs to be baby-appropriate. What this means is that you can’t buy just any type of bed and have your baby sleep on it. Instead, you should get an appropriate baby crib. Furthermore, you will also need a changing table. For this, you can get a nice roomy dresser and simply use the top as the baby changing station to make this furniture piece serve a dual purpose. Next, you should get a comfortable armchair where you can spend some time bonding with your little one. Also, this chair should provide enough support for the nursing mom. Usually, the most popular option is the rocking nursing chair as it is proven that slow rocking motions have a calming effect on babies.

Create a pleasant atmosphere

Finally, you should aim at creating an overall pleasant atmosphere in your baby’s nursery. You can achieve this by getting the right lighting fixtures suited for this type of room, or installing regular fixtures with light dimmers. Furthermore, make sure you get appropriate curtains so that you can block natural light for your baby’s nap time. Finally, a soft, warm, high-quality rug is the thing that will tie the entire design of the room together, providing everyone in it with a soft, warm underfoot.

These are the essentials of creating a suitable nursery for your new family member. Of course, the choice of style, design and the materials used in the process will be entirely up to you and your personal preference.