Over 80% of Houston’s population is old enough to drive. Some people might think getting into a car accident is one of the worst things. 

However, if your car gets damaged and you suffer injuries because of another driver’s negligent actions, chances are there were mitigating circumstances that may help reduce or eliminate your liability related to the accident. A trusted Houston car accident lawyer can help you if you file for personal injury compensation from the at-fault party.

Car Accidents in Houston, TX

In Texas, every person who drives on public roads is held responsible for obeying traffic laws and respecting other drivers’ rights. These rules aim to prevent collisions and ensure safety measures are followed at all times. 

However, no matter how disciplined and vigilant you are as a driver, it’s impossible to be 100% sure you’re going to avoid an accident caused by someone else. 

These instances are relatively common, which is why it’s vital to know what factors determine liability in a Houston car accident case.

Cause of the Accident

The main factor that determines liability in a car accident is the “causation” of the accident. You can break down specific causes of motor vehicle accidents into three categories: reckless or negligent driving, improper turns and maneuvers, and speeding or racing. 

If someone else caused the accident due to such behaviors, you’re not going to have any legal responsibility for the incident. However, keep in mind that each car accident case is unique and requires a more detailed analysis by a personal injury lawyer.

Injuries You’ve Suffered

Houston follows an “at-fault” approach to car accidents. So, another aspect that can determine your liability for causing an accident is how much damage you caused due to failing to drive safely. 

For example, texting or speaking on the phone while driving is illegal in Houston, TX. Suppose you rear-ended someone because you were texting while driving.  Here, they may ask for compensation for damages related to the victim’s car and medical bills. 

Conversely, if there was no severe property damage or injuries on either party’s part, no one may be required to pay anything. It all depends on the specific circumstances.

Your Insurance Policy and Driver’s License Status

If you’re an insured driver with excellent driving records, then it’s likely your insurer will cover damages caused by you in most Houston car accident cases. 

The company usually assumes the policyholder is not liable for accidents unless proven guilty in court. However, if you have a history of traffic violations or prior claims with your insurance provider, chances are they may not cover losses related to a car wreck that occurred when you were at fault. 

In such cases, obtaining legal assistance from a car accident lawyer can help determine liability for your accident or whether the other party is liable instead.

Even the presence of medical issues such as ADHD, epilepsy, or Alzheimer’s disease (which may affect your ability to drive safely) can potentially make you 100% liable for an accident you caused, even if there were mitigating circumstances.