As per June 2021 report, Australia has around 3.4 million couples without dependents. It means both persons are married, engaged, or living together to earn their living, and both share household chores like cooking, dishwashing, etc. So if you or your partner doesn’t want to cook any day, you can order online and have affordable meals delivered near you.

There are several online food delivery services in Australia, and you need to check their features before choosing any food delivery service. Here are the features you need to check.

Diverse Menu

When ordering a meal online, you want diverse options that allow you to order your favorite dishes. The more varied the online food service’s menu, the more choice you will have when ordering meals online. The food service should have a categorized menu that segregates food items and helps in easy selection.

Leading online food delivery services have categories like curries, meal kits, hot meals, pasta and sauces, salads, plant-based, vegetarian, non-vegetarian, soups, sides, bakes, kids meals, and many more. A diverse menu will allow you to order items that everyone in your family loves.

Single Serve Pieces

As per recent data, around 2 million Australians live in lone-person households. Also, there are many times when your partner is not in the city for some reason, and you have to order only for one person. Most food delivery services have large serving sizes intended for 4-5 people.

When looking for affordable meals delivered near you, look for food delivery services that offer single-serve pieces. It will prevent the wastage of food and also keep costs in control.

Fresh Food

Fresh food is best for your health, but not all food delivery services deliver fresh meals. Every food delivery service has different operational models. For example, some prepare food early in the morning and only reheat and send it when they receive orders from customers.

You need to look for a food delivery service that delivers fresh food to customers. It means the food delivery service allows you to choose a time slot for delivery, and the food is prepared at a time that is closer to the delivery slot.

Delivers to Your Area

Before choosing any food delivery service, make sure it delivers to your area. Leading food delivery services allow you to search the delivery locations by postcodes. If you are doubtful about whether they deliver to your area, you can always enter your postcode and confirm the areas they cover.

Serving and Cooking Instructions

Every meal has a different serving size and is priced accordingly. Therefore, the food delivery service should provide detailed information about serving size for all dishes and cooking instructions, if any, that need to be followed before food is delivered to your home.

Refund Policy

Many food delivery services allow you to select a delivery date three to four days in advance that will enable you to plan things. You might want to cancel your order and get a refund in some cases.

The food delivery service should offer a transparent refund policy that explains the timeline and the cancellation charges to the customer. Some food delivery services require a minimum of 48-hour notice to cancel the order before the selected delivery date. To conclude, these are the features you need to check when choosing an online food delivery service.