Some people derive satisfaction from taking some drugs or substances. To this set of people, they believe that they can only function effectively when they have taken a particular drug or substance. However, when these substances are abused, it becomes a problem and can ruin one’s life. Constant consumption of alcohol or drugs can lead to addiction and if adequate measures are not taken, one can lose control of their mental and general health.

If you observe that your consumption of alcohol or other substances has become a problem in your life, then enrolling in a rehab program will be the best step to take. Once you have decided to go for rehab, the next step will be to find a good facility and a suitable program for your case. 

Rehabilitation programs do not have a fixed duration and patients can choose from the options offered by a facility. There are short and long-term rehab programs and patients also have to select based on their personal needs. Regardless of the duration of the program you selected, a good facility will help you recover in good time. In more clear terms, whether you choose a 7-day rehab or 30-day rehab, you will receive proper medical and psychological care to help you recover and overcome any form of addiction.

Important Considerations before Choosing a Rehab Facility

Here are some factors to consider:


If you prefer to be discreet about your affairs, you are likely to choose a facility that is outside your town. However, it is important that you check a facility’s capacity before you sign up with them. Sometimes, it may just be an option in your neighborhood that will help you recover. Leaving them for another option outside your town that you can barely verify the quality of their services may not be ideal. Your best bet would be to go for a good facility, regardless of the location.


The treatment of addiction comes at a cost, and you should get ready to foot the bills before you start searching for a facility. However, the cost of getting over addiction should not be too high, considering that you are trying to fix your life. It is important that you visit different facilities or check them out online to compare rates. With this information, you can decide whether it fits into your budget, or you need to save up some more.

 If you are finding it difficult to save and you need some recommendations to improve your savings habit, you can check here.


You will need to connect mentally and psychologically with the staff of the facility you selected. Your interaction with these people goes a long way in your recovery process so ensure to choose an option with staff with which you can easily connect. How do you find out? Simply visit the facility before signing up with them. Their reception, as well as response to your questions, will give you a feel of their attitude and help you decide whether to sign up with them.

Another area you need to check while on an evaluation visit is their staff strength. A good facility should have sufficient physicians, psychologists, nurses, and nutritionists. All these professionals have a role to play and if they are not overburdened with double or triple roles, they will focus on their area of specialization to ensure that you overcome any addiction you may be experiencing.

Area of Specialization

Every rehab has an area of specialization. You will find that not all of them handle substance addiction. Even when they handle substance addiction, they focus on different substances. The knowledge of this should guide you in choosing a rehab that handles the substance you want to stop using.


If you have an active insurance policy, going for a facility that allows patients to use their insurance coverage will be ideal. This will certainly go a long way in reducing the general cost of the treatment.


A license is a government-issued approval for businesses to operate within a geographical location. Every serious and legitimate business should be duly registered and obtain relevant authorizations to operate. If the facility you are considering is not licensed, it means that they are not the right people to handle your situation. It will be in your best interest to look for another licensed facility that follows approved procedures in treating patients.

Receiving treatment from an unlicensed facility is risky as they can use unapproved methods that will end up having negative effects on your health. To avoid situations like this, ensure to verify the license of a facility before signing up with them for treatment. If you need help with verifying a business license, you can check here:

Finding A One to Two Week Addiction Rehab

Here are some tips to guide you:

Use Recommendations

It is possible that you may have people around you who have suffered an addiction at one point in their lives. You can talk to these people to help you with a few recommendations on good facilities to use. You may end up having a list of three to four facilities and this will necessitate research. Ensure to research the names given to you to find out if they can meet your needs. 

Check Online

Internet searches are convenient and fast. You can easily check out three to four facilities within a few minutes. Rather than spend time and resources visiting different facilities to check out their services, you can use your internet-enabled device to surf through their websites to find out the services they offer, license, patient reviews, and other relevant information. Using this information, you can decide whether they are a good fit for you, or you need to move on to other options.


Suffering from an addiction can be detrimental to one’s health, however, enrolling in rehab will help you overcome this situation and be the best you can be for yourself.