Choosing a good day care service may be very challenging. As long as there are so many variants it’s rather sophisticated to make a final choice. However, there are some factors which differentiate Sheepshead Bay Day care from the others.

Qualified staff

Firstly, they are hiring the best staff who are the professionals in this field. All of them have a degree in early childhood education to guarantee their competence. Moreover, they have luggage of experience (from 5 to 40 years) working in different countries, like the UK, the US, Hungary, Russia, Saudi Arabia, so be sure they can cooperate with different types of children and their backgrounds. Besides, the team of Little Scholars can teach kids with special needs.

Teachers of Sheepshead Bay daycare apply the theories of Vygotsky and Piaget who are known to be the pioneers in childhood education. They do believe that going to preschool is a crucial step in building a strong foundation for the future child’s career. They understand how important it’s to present information in a right way as kids learn through exploring the world around them. Children there are taught the materials that allow them to check their skills and practice new knowledge. Providers welcome parents to take part in the process of their child’s learning. What is more, a lot of specialists are multilingual, which allows to provide studying in:

  • English;
  • Russian;
  • Hebrew;
  • Ukrainian;
  • Arabic;
  • Azari.

Reading courses for children of all ages in day care Sheepshead Bay

Reading plays an essential role in kids’ lives from the early years. It can bring pleasure, give new useful information. With the help of reading babies learn how and is a way for children to understand the world. Reading is a crucial part of child’s progress as it develops a vast variety of skills:

  • Concentration. While reading children train to sit and focus on peculiar information. This makes them responsible and independent. Moreover, during school years it will be a priceless experience.
  • Rich vocabulary. The more words little ones see on the paper – the more they will be able to operate. Through retelling the summary to the teacher, they also keep new words in mind.
  • High level of erudition. Little Scholars day care West End Ave uses a plethora of techniques that form the child’s educational base. By discussing the topics from different paper materials, they broaden horizons in a diversity of spheres.
  • Vivid imagination
  • Communicative skills. Being able to apply a large number of lexics enables to get acquainted with new people and share their ideas with peers.
  • Literacy. As they read books of different genres, they gain knowledge in various domains, such as nature, biology, literature and others.

Learning during early years gives a priceless baggage of knowledge which children can apply in the future. With the help of qualified care providers day care Sheepshead Bay Brooklyn forms the most appropriate environment for children to study, develop, entertain and explore.