Are you considering installing solar panels for your home? If so, you’re not the only one!

The number of residential solar energy installations keeps going up each year. With the variety of benefits solar energy systems have for both the environment and homeowners, there’s no question as to why this is the case.

Before you install solar panels, however, you have to choose a solar energy contractor in Calgary to install them for you. This can sometimes be difficult.

Here’s how to choose the best solar energy contractor to install solar panels for you.

Read Customer Review

When looking for a solar energy contractor to install solar panels, customer reviews can help find the best possible option. Research each contractor for customer reviews on websites such as Yelp or the Better Business Bureau. Find out how long the contractor has been in business and what areas they specialize in.

Ask questions about the installer’s experience, customer service, materials used, and warranties offered. To learn more about solar panels, contact a solar panel installation company.

Review Experience and Credentials 

It is also important to take the time to review the experience and credentials of the contractor. Start by asking for references and portfolio which should include verifications from past clients. The contractor should also provide proof of certification and license with the state and national government.

It is a good practice to inquire about the contractor’s years of experience and depth of knowledge. One should also seek out any additional certifications. These include PV technology and Solar Design as they reflect a level of expertise needed for a high-quality installation. 

Ask for the Types of Solar Panels Offered

One of the most important criteria should be the types of solar panels that they offer. A reputable contractor should provide a variety of solar panel options, including both monocrystalline and polycrystalline panels. It is important to inquire about the highest efficiency panels available for your specific home and energy needs.

You should ask open-ended questions such as ‘Which types of solar panels do you offer?’ and ‘What is the highest efficiency panel you carry?’. A good solar contractor should be able to answer your questions with ease and provide insight on which type of panel will be best for your home.

Check Insurance and Warranties 

It is important to check the insurance and warranties if you are considering installing solar panels. An important factor to keep in mind is to check if the contractor has a business license and liability insurance, as it protects you from unexpected costs. Make sure they are licensed in your local area.

It is essential to check if the contractor is using materials certified to have good quality. Checking for warranties is also important, such as product and service warranties. Doing so will ensure the longevity of your equipment as well as protect you in case something goes wrong with the installation. 

Hire the Best Solar Energy Contractor

When it comes to choosing the best solar energy contractor to install solar panels, research is key. Get references, read reviews, and compare contractor services to ensure you get the right contractor that suits your needs. Finally, contact potential contractors and ask questions to ensure you are making the best decision for your solar installation needs.

Getting the best solar panels service can greatly benefit you and your home. Don’t wait – start researching and choosing the best solar contractor today!

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