Day by day, the condition of the environment is getting worse. While a single person may be in action with conserving, it’d be a lot better if you influence the whole family to create a more significant effect for the world. In this way, you involve more people who can impact others as well.

As you try to help save the environment, you can begin by reducing the amount of waste you produce at home. You’d be surprised with the number of rubbishes you throw out every day, and you can just imagine how many more families have that much trash, causing harm to the environment.

Waste Reduction For Family Members

While you may be motivated to reduce your household waste, other members of the pack might not be. With that, listed below are the ways on how you can encourage your family to minimize waste at home:

1. Create A Decluttering Day 

As a family, you can just anticipate your home will be surrounded by clutter no matter how much you try to clean every day, especially if you have younger children around. To widen their eyes about the mess, you may want to begin having a decluttering day wherein you spend the weekend cleaning the house and throwing out the things you no longer use.  

As you pile up clutters, each member would see the waste your home has and how much space it takes up inside. In this way, you can encourage them to lessen the rubbish they bring inside to allow for a more spacious and peaceful living.  

As you declutter, you can’t just simply throw away the trash in your garbage bag as it’ll not fit, especially if you’re throwing out large furniture and appliances. Instead, you might want to consider hiring a rubbish removal service to get the job done for you. While there are plenty of businesses around you, you might want to try this and be able to enjoy the services it offers.  

With a rubbish removal service, you can throw out as much as you’d like. Moreover, you don’t have to worry about where they put the trashes as they’ll try to recycle as much as possible. In this way, you can remove the stress of throwing out the trash while also helping to save the environment.  

2. Education Is The Key 

The number one thing you must do to motivate your family in reducing their waste is by educating them about how much the world needs everyone’s help. You can begin by letting them watch documentaries about the current status of the wasteland today and how much more it’s going through regularly.  

Apart from letting them watch documentaries, you can also bring them to the dumpsite or any polluted sea, so they can see the status of the waste in your town for themselves. With the amount of enormous trash, they’d be encouraged to reduce their waste, so they could take their part in helping save the environment.  

More importantly, you shouldn’t forget to teach them about the harmful effects of waste in the environment. It could be global warming, land, water, and air pollution. In this way, they can be motivated to help conserve the only planet everyone could live on.  

3. Make a Compost Bin 

Apart from the dry wastes you produce at home, you should also consider the amount of food waste you pile up inside your home. You may be accumulating plenty of fruits and vegetable wastes, including soiled foods you throw away. While those may look minimal, they can cause harm to the environment if you don’t throw them properly.  

For your food wastes, you might want to consider creating a compost bin for your garden to have its natural fertilizer. In this way, you no longer need to purchase fertilizer at your local store, wherein you can easily make one at home.  

You should note that creating compost isn’t quick. You need to create a perfect balance between food and garden waste and have a fair share of dry and wet waste. In this way, you can ensure the compost would create a perfect bin.  

Ideally, you should allow the compost bin to be easily accessible for everyone. However, you need to educate everybody about the things they can throw in for a proper compost process. 

4. Design a Recycling Area 

It’ll be a lot easier for everyone to recycle if there’s an area nearby allowing them to put their recyclables quickly. Not everyone is motivated to sort and fix their trashes themselves, so it’ll be helpful if you could create a designated area wherein they can put their recyclables.  

Ideally, you should produce a recycling corner that sorts out the plastics, paper, and metal materials for easier recycling. In this way, you no longer have to arrange the items yourself since you’re able to separate them beforehand. In addition, this should allow for an easier recycling process where you can bring the items to the recycling plant every time they go full.  

5. Discourage Single-Use Plastics 

One of the biggest waste producers you have in your home is the single-use plastics you take home every time you purchase something outside. It could be from the restaurant, product packaging, or grocery. To eliminate their presence at home, you should discourage each member from purchasing anything with single-use wastes.  

For your take-outs, it’d be great if you could present the restaurant with your food containers, so they no longer need to give you plastic boxes. Along with this, you should also try to bring your own grocery bags, so you no longer need to use their bags, which will just go to the trash after a while.

Apart from bringing your materials, you should also support companies that don’t use plastic containers and allow for refills each time you visit the store. In this way, you can eliminate the need for single-use trash and support companies that help save the environment.  


Saving the environment starts with everyone. As you begin with your home, you should encourage everyone to reduce the amount of waste they produce daily. In this way, you can truly make a difference and hopefully inspire your neighborhood to follow the same path as you. 

You can begin by educating everyone about the effects of trash in the world. Also, you can create a decluttering day to see clutters you have sitting around in your home. Moreover, you should have your recycling area and compost bin for easier access to recycling. Lastly, you shouldn’t forget to eliminate single-use plastics, which only harm the environment. With cooperation, you can allow the world to be a better place to live in.