Are you in search of a solution to increase brainpower? Want to know how to improve your memory quickly and effectively? Then learn how to boost your mental performance through mnemonic devices and mind techniques using innovative technologies.

How memory techniques can improve our life?

There are different strategies to develop skills that help to remember new names, difficult concepts and ideas, long texts, hard-to-remember scientific material, new foreign languages, etc. Mnemonic technologies as a part of a brain activity tactic can also strengthen long term memory for later recall of information, photographic memory for keeping in mind visual content, and episodic memory skills that will allow retrieving personal experiences and valuable moments of your life. Searching for solutions on how to improve your memory, you will definitely find tips such as meditating, coffee drinking, physical exercises on fresh air, proper nutrition that includes mostly berries, and more sleeping. Of course, all these activities will have a good impact on your brain and memory. Moreover, you will reduce stress, your mind will be relaxed, and as a result, your memory can become better. However, without mnemonic devices, more likely, you will fail to expand the space for encoding and storing memories. Thus, you must consider the common ways and pick the best possible option for yourself.

Tips on how to improve your episodic memory and enhance mental processes:

The Sherlock approaches:

Generating mental connections in your brain can boost your cognitive function. You probably heard about the spectacular ability of Sherlock to store and when necessary to retrieve lots of small details which ordinary people easily forget. The secret of the TV character is hidden in the technique known as the memory palace. But it doesn’t require any special talent or gift. All you need is attentiveness, strong focus, and regular practice. This method consists of the following steps:

  • choose the location that you know in details, e.g. own bedroom or route to the office;
  • think of the most distinctive features and mentally imagine them in vivid details;
  • create associations between information and picked objects;
  • train to recall information using your mind map daily.

If this task is challenging for you, try to draw it first. Draw objects and write down the ideas you want to associate this object with. Repeat the exercise several times until you can do it not on a piece of paper, but with the help of mental visualization.

Acronyms, music mnemonics, or rhyming:

How to improve your memory without Sherlock tricks? You can adjust your strategy according to your goals. Of course, a mind palace is a universal tool for any purpose and a great option for memory consolidation. However, for remembering a long list of items or new words in different languages, some other memory-boosting systems can be applied. You can use rhymes or a catchy song to put in your mind a grocery list, an alphabet of any foreign language, a recipe.

Mental workouts using technologies:

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