The most amazing way to have a toned and healthy look and feel more confident is to use a self-tanner. Tanner can also help you to shield your skin from direct contact with sunlight and offer a flawless impression. However, when you are applying the tanner using your hands, this can result in stained hands and orange palms. Therefore, you should definitely know how to remove self-tanner from your hands.

How to Remove Self Tanner from Hands?

If you want to avoid streaking your palms, the first thing you need to do is to clean your hands immediately after applying a self-tanner. By washing your hands, you can remove the excess tanner from your hands. However, to eliminate the tanner that has already stuck to your hands, you should carefully wash your palms and hands by following these steps-

Step I: Remove the Tanner from Your Palms:

You can not easily get rid of the tanner from your hands by rinsing your hands with water and soap. Instead, you should use a face wipe and or washcloth to evade discoloration of your palms and at the same time, preserve the bronzed glow on the top of your hands.

Step II: Wipe the Fingers and the Gaps:

If your skin becomes dried, the tan will settle down into your skin. For this reason, the tan easily settles down into the dry gaps between your fingers. So, you should carefully and instantly wipe your fingers and gaps with a cloth to avoid settling down the tan.

Step III: Wipe the Fingernails:

In order to avoid having darkened fingernails, you should also carefully wipe your fingernails.

How to Remove Self Tanner from Hands for Dried Self Tanner?

Once the tanner has dried and it has stuck to your palms, removing the self-tanner becomes difficult. However, there is no reason to worry when we can offer you an effective solution for your problem.


When it comes to removing self-tanner from your hands and palms, exfoliation is the most effective method. This method uses exfoliants that fling off the dead skin cells. When the top layer of dead skin cells flings away from your palms, this also creates a lighter appearance by removing the tanned skin cells. However, the removal of excessive dead skin cells can make you feel discomfort and as well as cause damage to your skin.

To get rid of this issue, you should carefully choose suitable exfoliants for your skin that are harmless and gentle in nature. In this article, we will explain to you how to remove self-tanner from your hands by using some harmless household items.

Lemon Juice:

As the natural alpha hydroxy acid is present in lemon juice, therefore, you can use it as an efficient exfoliant. Therefore, you can put a little bit of lemon juice on your palms or other tanned areas and then wash it off. You can also make a brush by combining sugar and lemon juice and using the brush to remove the self-tanner.

Baking Soda:

The most effective exfoliant for removing the tanner is baking soda. You have to make a paste of baking soda by adding a few drops of water with it. Then you have to apply the paste to your palms and massage it gently. Now, let the paste sit on your palms for two-three minutes, and then rinse your palms with lukewarm water.

White Vinegar:

White vinegar can be an effective replacement for lemon juice. This exfoliant helps to break down stains by removing the dead skin cells of the upper layer.


In order to remove the self-tanner, you can also use whitening toothpaste. After applying the paste, you have to rub the paste on your palms for a little while and rinse your hands.

Baby Wipes:

After applying the paste of baking soda or toothpaste on your palms, f possible, use baby wipes to clean the faint skin.

Nail Polish Remover:

As nail polish remover helps to remove the color of the nail polish, in a similar way, this is also useful for removing the self-tanner. However, you should not apply it to other parts of your body except the fingertips and nails.


You can also apply oil such as body oil, coconut oil, or olive oil on your palms to make the patches appear lighter. Oil is a gentle and effective exfoliant to remove the upper layer of skin cells.

Facial Bletch:

Besides helping you to remove the hair on your face, facial bleach can be a useful exfoliant. Put a little amount of facial bleach on your palms and rub your palms with the help of a cotton swab or toothbrush and then wash your hands.

Hair Removal Cream:

Instead of the non-toxic and mild nature of hair removal cream, you can apply this cream to your palms and nails to remove the self-tanner. However, you should take a little amount of hair removal cream to avoid skin damage and rub gently using a cotton swab.

Body Scrub, Washcloth, or Loofah:

You can also use a body scrub, a washcloth, or a loofah as an exfoliant and these products can help you to remove stains.

How to Avoid Getting Self Tanner on Your Hands?

It is always better that you prevent the contact of self-tanner to your hands and palms. In order to totally avoid self-tanner getting your hands, you should follow these tips.

  • As tan settles down easily on your dry skin, you should apply moisturizing cream to your hands every day. If your skin is moisturized, orange patches will not settle down on your hands.
  • In order to avoid self tanner from getting into your hands, you should use a tanning mitt.
  • Another way to avoid mess and prevent tanning lotion to spread thickly on your hands is to use self-tanning wipes.
  • You can make even lighting and bright tone on your palms with the self tanner. This can solve your problem and can give you an even look.
  • Before you apply self tanner, you should apply a little amount of moisturizing cream on your palms and nails so that you can easily remove the tanner from your palms and nails after application.
  • Above all, you should immediately wash your hands using soap and lukewarm water after self tanner on your skin.

Final Words:

Removing self-tanner is not so difficult if you can follow our advice. There are multiple harmless household exfoliants that you can use to remove the tanner from your hands. However, you should try to find ways to avoid self-tanner getting into your hands. If you want to learn more about tan color or you want to make it at home then read this post.