Throw pillows and rugs are important decorative pieces that add texture, warmth, and beauty to a room. But there’s more to these items that makes them so valuable.

If sticking lowkey with the jute look, you can always bring in rugs and throw pillows to enhance the look or, better yet, complete it. After all, some spaces can feel drab without a few calculated decorative moves.

Considering these two accessories are so good at making any room feel cozy, pleasant, and livable, you probably want to know how to style them to improve the look of your bedroom.

Think About Your Bedroom Design

There are plenty of ways to style your bedroom. You could go with any of the established bedroom designs such as Farmhouse, Rustic, Minimalist, Hippie, Contemporary, Country, etc. 

The list of ways you can go with your bedroom design is endless. You could mix up various styles to come up with something more personal, a style that is all you.

And as we mentioned, throw pillows and rugs will fit in as if they always belonged. But how you arrange these accents and which colors and patterns to use will need to be influenced by the style you pick.

For instance, you’ve chosen a contemporary look, one of the most popular designs. You’ll most likely be using bold colors, minimizing your palette to one or two colors while playing with different shades.

You may want to bring in a luxurious area rug in neutral colors that emphasizes sophistication. For a structured look, you could have a throw rug on the bed as well as a few throw pillows.

When Matching Things

When styling your bedroom, one of the crucial tasks on your hands is ensuring color coordination. Choosing what colors you want is the easy part, but will they come together without clashing?

Throw pillows and rugs will play a major role when balancing your palette. If you’re going with neutral shades, you may want to break the monotony with something more colorful. A throw rug or throw pillows could be the accents you need for a layered look.

When it comes to area rugs, the short answer is that they set the tone for your space. 

An area rug could be the focal point of your bedroom, especially when you’re going with neutral hues. If you intend to highlight other areas of the room, having your area rug in a muted color would be ideal.

Let’s take a look at how you can use throw pillows and rugs in various bedroom designs:

  1. Eclectic 

It’s easy to think an eclectic design is all about mixing features from different decor styles. But there’s more to it.

Eclectic is about doing away with boundaries and trying anything that captures your interest. Home accents like throw pillows and rugs are a huge part of pulling off the eclectic maximalist style.

  1. Farmhouse

The soft hues and simple prints of the farmhouse style make for a perfect finish with a couple of throw pillows on the bed. Whether you’re going for earth tones with sleek furniture or the classic white walls with vintage pieces, patterned throw pillows on the bed will not disappoint.

  1. Boho Chic

If you’ve noticed, Boho-inspired bedrooms are so recognizable and yet many feel unique. What you recognize is the hippie-bohemian elements, but the rule is you do with your space what feels right for you.

By bringing in different elements from all over, like a Moroccan rug or wicker chairs from Mexico, you make your space rich and diverse.

Warm tones and mixed patterns are a huge part of the design, and you can pull that off with throw rugs on the bed and chairs. Throw pillows are also crucial to adding texture.

  1. Minimalist

The beauty of minimalist decor design is that it’s not restricted to a particular style or aesthetics. So long as you limit things to bare essentials, you have yourself a minimalist space.

For your minimalist bedroom, you could install an area rug as the centerpiece and keep everything else plain and simple. Creating a color contrast between the bed and walls will make things cozy.

You could use a few throw pillows to add some color and enhance the look but remember, less is more when it comes to minimalist styles.

Final Thoughts

Being able to sleep well and rest is crucial to your well-being, but you can’t fully reap these benefits without a design that turns your bedroom into a true sanctuary.

Throw pillows and rugs are important elements that can help enhance your style and make your bedroom one place you can always find comfort.