If you’re a lover of candles, beeswax and oil form wickers, then you’re one old-school soul. So if you have a collection of authentic old-school artefacts and old-school accessories like candelabrums, then it’s time to take them out and put them to good use!

In fact, here a few instances where you can utilize and candelabrum with those candlesticks to give a radiant aura about your home –

Candelabrum ET Aesthetics –

Religious Ritual

Whatever religion you belong to a candelabrum can be used to offer prayers and respect to Gods and Goddesses. For example- if you’re Jewish by nature, then you can host a pagan ritual in your home and offer auspicious prayers using candlesticks with candelabrums.

At the end of the day, set up a dinner table and use the candelabrums as a decorative too!

A romantic date

Want to know, what can really make your loved one feel special! Did you guess it right a candlelight dinner right? Well this time, whether it’s an anniversary or a special day, just use your candelabrum & set it up in a romantic backdrop.

You can choose a night setting, atop a huge building or a sky-high restaurant overlooking the city. This will boost the aesthetic appeal of the date, and make your partner more romantically inclined towards you.

An upper-east side brunch

The poshest of the lot in New York, if you’re lucky enough to be as rich as Serena Van der Woodsen in Gossip Girl, you can throw an authentic upper east side Sunday brunch and decorate the table using gorgeous silver or gold candelabrum set with pristine candlesticks.

Radiating class, high-society glamour, and authenticity, these candelabrums will undoubtedly glorify your status multi-fold.

A wedding

Weddings are all about authenticity and purity, hence what better way to decorate and embellish a wedding hall other than a candelabrum.

Use Jewish traditional candle stands to give a holistic appeal that will help in purifying the ambience during the wedding.


Another important place to use your heirloom candle stand is to use it for your little one. To baptize your child, you can utilize your heirloom and give it to the priest for blessing your infant.

This will add to the auspiciousness and make your ritual more holistic and pure.

Home decorative

Today if you’re planning to design a conventional yet unique home, then a candelabrum can be a good option.

Get traditional ones online, and use it to decorate your parlour, guest room or living room. Place it on a cabinet or on a stand, against an artistic backdrop for boosting aestheticism.

Well, there you go, numerous instances for you to try and embellish your home using candlesticks and candelabrum. So, don’t waste time and get ready to explore your romance with a candelabrum.

PS – Adding aesthetics and appeal since time immemorial, these candle stands are also very good at supporting candlesticks; thus no chance of beeswax spillage either.