An assault bike is an exercise bicycle that has rotating blades that are similar to a fan. It is also called a fan bicycle because of this. It is supposed to create great resistance so that you get a better workout.

 People want the best workout, so they want to try a variety of exercise equipment. People want to compare items such as the assault bike vs rower to see which one is better. It is all a matter of what kind of workout you prefer.

This article will tell you a little more about the assault bike and what kind of results you might get. It will give you some information that you might want to know before you buy one. You can also do some more research to see if this is good for you.

The Assault Bike Benefits

1. Low-Impact Workout –

This bicycle provides a great low-impact workout, making it great for those who want an intense workout but cannot do much because of joint pain or injuries. It provides a good cardio workout for those who cannot run or do other high-impact exercises.

For this reason, it is great for those who need a minimal-impact alternative for running. You want a low-impact workout if you have injuries to your joints or have pain. Low-impact workouts can help you to work out more often.

2. Burns Fat –

If you want to burn fat quickly, the assault bike is a great part of interval training. If you use it at a quick pace, you can burn about 36% more calories than a slow workout. You can look here to see these studies: This makes it a great part of your exercise routine for losing weight and building muscles.

This will help you to do both very quickly if you use it daily. Because you are burning fat more quickly, you will want to work out more often. This will help you to lose more fat.

3. Improves Cardiovascular Health –

Riding this can improve your heart health by increasing the oxygen amounts in your body. This is a good measure of cardiovascular fitness so that you know you are doing your heart good by using this bicycle. If you use this for interval training, it will help to make your heart stronger.

4. Strengthens Leg Muscles –

Riding any bicycle can strengthen your leg muscles, but this assault bike does it even better. This particularly works on hamstrings and quadriceps, but works for other leg muscles, as well. The assault bike keeps you working at a high intensity making those muscles work harder.

5. Decreases Stress Levels –

Most of us know that any exercise can lower stress levels, but the high intensity of this bike can help lower it even more. It has been shown that if you ride this bike for thirty minutes daily, you can decrease cortisol levels by a large amount. If you are feeling stressed, get on this bike and pedal your worries away. See here for more information about decreasing stress levels while you exercise.

6. Improves Endurance –

Because you are pedaling with high intensity, you are increasing the work that your heart and lungs are doing to supply oxygen to your muscles. This increases your endurance and your stamina so that you can go longer over time without getting tired. This will help your workouts to last longer in the future.

Once they last longer, you will continue to build your endurance so that your workouts last even longer. You want to build your endurance so that you can exercise longer each time. This helps with your overall health.

7. Boosts Metabolism –

If you do an intense four-minute bicycle workout followed by a two-minute rest, you will burn more calories than if you do a straight thirty-minute ride. This can boost your metabolism and help you to lose that weight and build muscle even faster. This has been shown to work even after you stop exercising, so this proves to be a good piece of exercise equipment.

8. Builds Lower Body Strength –

You will be working on your leg muscles such as quadriceps, hamstrings, and calves, so you will be building your lower body strength. The higher intensity of your workout, the harder those muscles need to work. Since these muscles are getting stronger, you will be able to do a longer workout each time.

9. Helps Prevent Injuries –

Because you are increasing your lower body strength, you are also stabilizing your joints to help you to stand and walk better. Because of this, you will be less prone to injuries on and off the bike. As you ride the assault bicycle, you will become stronger and less injury prone.

This is especially helpful for people who are older and are more prone to injuries. These bicycles will help you to build the endurance that you need to build stronger muscles. This can help you to be injured even less.

10. It is Fun –

Riding a bike is fun – riding an assault bike is more intense, and therefore more fun. If you are racing against your time, or someone else, it can make it even more fun. Riding this bicycle can become addictive for you and provide a fun, intense workout.


The assault bike is a fun bicycle to ride for an extremely low-impact workout. It can help with your cardiovascular system, your lower body, and your weight loss program. It can help to stabilize you and build strength so that you have less injuries. It helps you to lose calories and builds your metabolism. All in all, this is a great way to exercise.

You also want to have an enjoyable time while you exercise so that you will continue. You do not want something dull and boring, because you will not want to work out. The more fun your routine is, the more likely you will be to continue. An assault bike will help you to have fun while you exercise and will help you to do more.