In-Mold Labelling is another name of IML. It is used for decoration purpose that is combined with product and the label. And thus one product is formed. The process involves placing of the mold followed by clapping, injection of melting resin.

The inner side of the label is fused with the melting resin. When it is cooled you obtain a single product as injected part and labelled  part.

Some of the IML Products are:

  • Metallic Aluminum IML Foil Product – It is a product that uses a plastic container but you will feel that it’s a  stainless steel product.
  • Durable IML – By using this kind of IML process you can get any surface of the container long lasting. It can be applied to many products such as plates or trays that will come directly to the contact of food. It’s another property is that it is scratch resistant, resistant to any types of chemical and many more.
  • Cork IML – Plastic objects of any kind of shapes are wrapped with IML natural cork process.
  • IML with 3D texture – This kind of innovation can change the injected part of the texture. It can be applied on wood, stone and also granite. You will get the actual feeling of the material without any kind of distortion.

Lets in this article know about Metallic IML Especially IML Metallic Aluminium

Before going to metallic Aluminum IML lets just know what metallic IML is. It is nothing but using the process of metallic IML, the plastic gives the appearance of a steel.

Metallic IML is useful for those who manufactures black recyclable products. Because of the metallic IML the product is totally covered

Metallic IML Foil or Metallic Aluminum IML Foil is a product over a plastic which gives you a premium looks like stainless steel. Here original aluminium foils are contained in metallic IML. It is almost totally recyclable as it contains only one percent aluminium.

Benefits of using IML metallic Aluminium foils

  • IML Metallic Aluminium foils are Obtained in Various Sizes  and Many Options are available
  • They are highly long lasting
  • These foils are scratch resistance
  • They  are finger print resistant
  • If it is used as an outdoor product it is ultraviolet rays resistance
  • It is also not affected by any kind of chemicals
  • You can obtain matt touch, glossy or soft touch
  • 3D finished texture can be obtained by using the process of In-Mold Labelling
  • You can obtain a thickness ranging from 70µ to 220µ. Label can size up to 1350mm.

The end product which you obtain using IML process is highly long lasting, the food in contact with the product obtained by the use of IML technology remains hygienic without any contamination with virus or bacteria, it is also resistant to UV rays. These all things would not have been possible if there was not such invention like the process of In-Mold Labelling.