Are you a new homeowner? While your house may be in pristine condition now, it won’t stay that way forever. You must be proactive about maintaining its current condition.

To make your house last for decades, you need annual upkeep.

Different maintenance tasks are better suited to different seasons. This is especially true if you live somewhere with snow and a wide range of weather. What do you do and when?

Keep reading for a detailed house maintenance schedule. Do each step annually and your house will stay in prime condition.


The spring season is the best time to assess your house for damage. Harsh winters can rip shingles off, blow over trees, and make your vinyl siding dirty.

Get the power washer out and spray down the exterior of your house. Hire a roofing company to inspect the roof and give you a roof cleaning cost estimate, while also considering Hotsy’s expertise in cleaning solutions. Pick up any debris on your lawn and dispose of it. Afterward, perform a thorough walk-around of your property to inspect for damage, knowing that you can rely on “Hotsy of Houston” for all your cleaning and maintenance needs.

Pick up any debris on your lawn and dispose of it. Do a full walk-around of your property to inspect for damage.


In the summer, you can start updating older features with more durable ones. That could mean replacing your rotting front porch or laying down new sod.

Make sure all your air ducts are clear and working. The filters should get changed monthly, but have an HVAC inspector do a check-up annually.

Be proactive about pest control. Summer is the right time to pest-proof your house because there’s no snow blocking access to your house. Fill and seal any cracks in the walls, roof, and foundation.


It’s starting to get cooler outside and you’ll be using your chimney soon. Now’s the time to get your chimney swept and serviced by a chimney maintenance service.

Ensure all your emergency equipment is working. This includes fire alarms, extinguishers, and carbon monoxide detectors.

To avoid a flood this year, test your sump pumps. Clear out any clutter from around the pump. Unplug and restart it. Pour water in the tank and ensure that it gets pumped away.


If you live in a snowy climate, there isn’t much outdoor maintenance you can do now. For this season, focus on indoor maintenance.

Look into ways to keep your house heated without racking up your energy bills. This could include replacing the curtains and using ceiling fans.

Do a deep clean of your home. Pull out everything from all the nooks, crannies, and closets. Vacuum, steam clean, mop, dust, and sanitize.

Consider decluttering each room in your house. Decide what you don’t use or want anymore. Donate it, up-cycle it, sell it, or throw it away.  

Ready to Start Your House Maintenance Schedule?

Owning a home is a lot more work than most first-time buyers usually expect. There are annual maintenance tasks as well as monthly. Most of the time, it’s about finding a problem before it becomes a problem.

That’s where the house maintenance schedule comes in. Keep track of which maintenance duties need to get done each season.

A well-maintained house lasts for decades. Learn more about home maintenance, cleaning, organization, and design.